One Person

Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blogging challenge. April's theme is "One Person", which allows for all kinds of possibilities.

This month, One Person - that would be me - was super busy putting together 26 posts for the 2018 A - Z Blogging Challenge. 

26 posts, one for every letter of this alphabet. This year I chose a travel theme: "Destinations I've visited", from A is for Amsterdam to Z is for ZugI was gonna do G is for Geneva, but I realized I didn't have any blog worthy pictures. Obviously an impromptu day trip suggested itself ;-)

So the first picture is this absolutely stunning rainbow I witnessed somewhere along the freeway on my way to the French part of Switzerland. I actually exited and stopped to take this picture.

One of my must-do sights in Geneva was the Broken Chair at Place des Nations. One person left their bicycle, and I thought it was a nice foreground!

This is one person's - my son's - mess preparing for a presentation / practicing indoor hockey / snacking / listening to an audio book / collection Pannini soccer stickers / being his usual chaotic genius self ;-)

The audio book is one episode of Greg's Tagebuch, German title for "diary of a wimpy kid". I didn't grow up with it because the first edition only appeared in 2004, but ever since then, every (pre-) teen reads, listens to, watches and loves it. One person - again my son who turns 10 this fall, don't remind me - actually found Greg's chair in a bookstore. That's where he happily settled down for the next hour or so.

It was his spring break, and we din't go anywhere, meaning he spent the days I had to work at his grandparents' and daycare. We used my days off for day trips to the mall (above) and Zurich (below) where one of his favorite places to get a treat is Spr√ľngli, the renowned confectionary manufacturer. Particularly popular specialties are Luxemburgerli, macaroons in many varieties. 

Let's call this picture "One Person in sweets heaven"!

Bonus picture: One Person who needs to learn how to park better...

I hope you liked my collection of pictures and you're hungry for more - which you may get over here.