Top Ten Thursday - Circus

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today's theme is simply Circus, and the reason I came up with this topic is that my talented sister in law and her equally talented 15 year old daughter were part of a school project: 

Within a week, about 300 elementary school students, along with their teachers and a couple of professional circus coaches, set up a children's circus: we got to watch a full two hours' program, complete with artists, clowns, wild animals, you name it! Those who didn't perform as artists helped preparing program leaflets or snacks, were responsible for costumes and make-up, every single kid had a job to do!

This reminded me of how much I used to love the circus when I was a kid. For a short period, I was probably 8 or 9 years old, I wanted to become an equilibrist, and I practiced by putting a narrow piece of wood leading from one chair to another ;-)

Apart from my short-lived career aspiration and our recent experience, here's what comes to my mind when I hear "Circus":
  1. The circus director in his black top hat and ringleaders, typically in the most sparkly dresses, announcing the next act. 
  2. Clowns, obviously. Curly red hair, red nose, huge shoes that cause them to trip!
  3. Fire eaters and sword swallowers- I was always in awe of their skills. How did they do that?
  4. Big cats: back in my days they were allowed to train tigers, lions and leopards. These days animal rights activists want to ban the use of exotic and wild animals in circuses. While I understand the reasons, I think for many people who are not as lucky as our family who gets to travel to South Africa to meet the wild animals in their natural habitat, a circus or a zoo are the only opportunies to experience these amazing creatures.
  5. Elephants - I'll never forget the show in which an elephant had to pee. Jesus Christ, he was at it for quite a while, and when he was finally done, circus workers ran in and spread fresh sawdust. I googled it. An elephant's bladder holds about 42 gallons (160 liters). He urinates 1.5 gallons per second, so a full pee session takes about 28 seconds. Sorry if that's TMI. I just thought this was pretty impressing.
  6. Camels basically walk around the manège a couple of times, no big deal, but after the show sometimes kids were allowed to visit and feed the camels at their off-site r trailer.
  7. The classic magician and his rabbits, cards and colorful scarves. A different kind of magician, the one asking his assistant to climb into the box, and then he would grab his chain saw and devide the wooden container, only for the lady to cheerfully appear from some unexpected area like the audience.
  8. Aerial acrobats, so fascinating to watch them swing on their trapeze.
  9. Popcorn - while not a circus act, popcorn is the ultimate circus food, and even if you don't buy some for yourself, you can't escape the smell, like it or not!
  10. The helpers: in no time they will clean up props and set up for the next act, 

I wonder if circusses around the world are very different from each other. What acts does a circus near you present? Let me know in the comments below or link up your own post.

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