Top Ten Thursday - May Photo Scavenger Hunt

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today it's time for another photo scavenger hunt. Those are the ten items we had to take a picture of:
  1. Yin and Yang
  2. Outdoor Art
  3. Bus Terminal
  4. Heart
  5. Pink Blooms
  6. Clock Face
  7. Mexican Food
  8. Vintage
  9. Black
  10. Shoes
Let's see. I came across this Yin and Yang sign at the fence of a playground as I was exploring Geneva for my letter G post of the A - Z challenge.

A local artist created this shepherd with his bronze sheep, perfectly placed outside this countryside resort we were lucky to have dinner at one evening with this fabulous visibility.

On the day I had my dental surgery I walked by Aarau railway station, the city I attended college at. Back in the days neither the train station nor the bus terminal didn't look that fancy.

I'm sure this pretty heart is part of the kindness rocks project, only we didn't know about it when we found it on our way to the Vancouver Science Museum.

Every day can't be a blue sky day - still the pink blooms came out lovely!

Usually I post the prompt before taking pictures, but walking by above mentioned train station I decided to snap the largest (9 meters in diameter and 3 storeys high) clock. It was installed in 2010, after the renovation of the station. For a couple of years we believed it was the largest clock in Europe - until a French guy came forward. 

"Ours in Cergy-Saint-Christophe (just outside of Paris) measures 10 meters" he claimed. Ooohps!

To add insult to injury we also forgot to illuminate our clock hands! It got corrected in the meantime. 

On Cinco de Mayo I attended a fabulous Tex Mex Cooking Class offered by a food blogger friend. It was so colorful, pretty and yummy! Fajitas, anyone?

Every year on the last Sunday of June there is a American classic car meet in Sulgen, a little town in Eastern Switzerland. I'm allowed to drive onto the premises with my 2016 Mustang, but the real stars are the vintage cars!

Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia, a typical ski resort, serves as a bike park in summer. This is the valley station. The trails have names like Ninja Cougar, Afternoon Delight or Angry Pirate.

You wouldn't believe the crazy bikers... As a mom you can't watch this!!

To wrap up this post I put together a collage of my favorite shoes. I am not a shoe girl, I'm all about comfort, so sneakers and UGGs it is. The Halloween Kangaroos have a story, check it out here.

I hope you had fun with my ten pictures. I can't wait to see yours - please link up your post using the linky tool!

What's next?

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June 7: please share your top ten go-to recipes for an easy work night dinner. I may have gotten some feedback on repeating the same old one too many times... Sign up here.