Top Ten Thursday - Social Media

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're listing the top ten things people need to know if they want to add us on social media. Think "no chain letters", I love puppy pictures, etc.

Let me start by saying "Hi, my name is Tamara, and I'm an Internet Junkie" - because I can't imagine life without Google, YouTube, etc. So I'd like to kick off this post by inviting you to connect with me on the following platforms:
See you there :-)

So if you want to be friends with me on social media, here's what I expect you to do (or not do to):

  1. Return favors. I visit, like, heart, comment on the h*** out my little heart - please just do the same for me.
  2. Be thoughtful. "great post" is kind of a generic, nondescript comment. Did you even read my post?
  3. If you post on Facebook something along the lines "everybody is supposed to stop what they're doing in order to pray for you", and a dozen people are concerned and keep asking "what's going on, are you OK?" then at least grace them with an answer.
  4. Before posting, take a minute and run it by Socrate's Triple Filter: is it true, is it useful, is it kind? If you don't, don't be surprised if the trolls are striking!
  5. Also take a second to check your spelling: "there", "they're" and "their" are not the same thing.
  6. Speaking of, don't be a troll yourself. The person who provoked you is either clueless or looking for attention. Don't feed them.
  7. For the love of God, please don't sent me chain letters, especially not of the kind that threaten that bad things are going to happen to me and my family if I don't forward this crap within x amount of hours.
  8. It goes without saying that I don't appreciate spam and scam
  9. Here's a pet peeve of mine: if you use pictures, use your own or get some off a platform, there are cheap and even free ones. I can't believe that people who call themselves bloggers use photos that actually include the real owner's watermark?!
  10. Business platform users: once you've decided to be out there, why don't you keep your profile relevant and updated - otherwise what's the point?

OK, that being said, I consider many of my online friends to be real friends. Some prove to care more about me than many others, and I know that I'm guilty of the same thing. I am in closer contact with many of you than with my own neighbors, family and real life friends. 

How about you? What are your dos and dont's in the social media world? Let me know in the comments bellow or link up your own post.

What's next?

June 7: please share your top ten go-to recipes for an easy work night dinner. I may have gotten some feedback on repeating the same old one too many times... Sign up here.

June 14: My six year blogversary is coming up, so I'd like you (and me) to blog about blogging. What are the top ten things that come to your mind reflecting on your blogging journey: what prompted you to start, what obstacles did you have to overcome, what have been your major learnings, what plans do you have...? Here's the link to the Facebook event to sign up to.