Secret Subject Swap - Fly vs Drag

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My subject is

Has summer flown by or dragged on? 

It was submitted by: Baking In A Tornado  - thank you, Karen!

Previously on The Miller family:

A couple of weeks ago David's Dad Jack died in a car accident. David is still recovering from his partial liver donation procedures in favor of Jason who was involved in that crash.

I put together a glossary and a collection of links to help you (and myself) keeping track of characters and happenings.

Caroline excitedly hit end call and exhaled. She had spoken to both her kids' prinicpals to ask for another week off. 

David's wound was healing nicely, and the docs gave the green light for him to spend 8 hours on a long-haul flight back to Switzerland - if he promised not to eat the airplane food, that is.

The plan was to get him from the hospital and have him spend a couple of days at his Mom's house in Connecticut where he'd also have the opportunity to see his sister Donna. 

As for her and the kids, they decided they deserved a trip to Disney World.

For Caroline this represented some kind of a silver lining. 

This summer has been dragging on, and lately she's been questioning her family's husband's decision to move to Europe. 

Why would Swiss people not install air conditioning in their houses? How on earth were people supposed to sleep? For almost two weeks straight temperatures have been 95°F every day, and there was no relief. 

The moment she was THIS close to falling asleep she could be sure to hear a #$@&%*!-ing mosquito approaching. Their high pitched buzzing drove Caroline up the walls.
The sweatlering heat does not stop the locals from smoking everywhere though. At parking garages, train stations, mall entrances, lakeside, otherwise lovely street cafés, at playgrounds even. So disgusting. And the cigarette stubs! People just threw them out of their driving cars! Pigs.

Speaking of parking why couldn't they provide proper parking spots? Everybody who didn't drive a Smart had a hard time fitting into one, and if you managed, your neighbor probably dinged your door.

What was up with waiters and ice? If a customer is asking for ice in their beverage two cubes didn't cut it. 

She's been missing her favorite American candy and ordered some online. Not only did shipping and delivery cost a fortune, delivery didn't actually happen even though she made it a point to be at home on the day it was announced.

Clearly Caroline was cranky and miserable and in desperate need of a break. Or better yet, of packing up her sh** and leaving. 

Coming to think of it she didn't want to go back "home" either. Where was home anyway, California or New York?

Yes, she did miss her family and friends, conversations in English, unlimited shopping and affordable international food, but on the other side, school shootings, the constant hustling, the joke of a work/life balance (compared to Switzerland), health care and Mr DjT gave er reason enough to suck it up and keep going. 

Oh my goodness, she immediately wanted to text back "why wait till lunch tomorrow, let's do dinner tonight, drinks, too!" 

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