Top Ten Thursday - August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

it's time for another photo scavenger hunt. Here's the list of subjects to take pictures of this month:
  1. Cupcakes
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Berries
  4. Five
  5. Fountain
  6. Boat
  7. Tuk-Tuk
  8. Laundry
  9. Palm Tree
  10. Straw Hat
I was going to use the bakery cupcakes I photographed for the header, but as coincidence life had it, I got an opportunity to make some of my own. Last weekend hubby and son spent two days and nights away with two dozen other dads and kids at their traditional father/kids' weekend. 

The moms get to pack, bake and do laundry upon their return. Colin asked for Coca-Cola themed baked goods, preferably including gummy Coke bottles. Who am I to spoil the fun..?

After 1947 and 2003 the current summer has been one of the hottest and driest within the last 100 years, and boy am I glad it's over. 

We still haven't had copious amounts of rain, and temps during the day are still 30°C ( 86°F) but at least they drop to almost 10°C (50°F) at night. What a relief. To cut the long story short I've had plenty of opportunity to catch a blue sky!

As it was too hot to visit the farm store by bicycle I didn't make it there a lot. It doesn't feel right to take the car to this countryside area. Here's my berry haul of one of the few times I did make it. So colorful, healthy and delicious!

I was going to visit a perfume shop and snap a picture of Chanel No. 5 but you know what happens to  the best-laid plans... Here's the rear of a BMW X5 instead, haha! The reason I ended up in this Zurich neighborhood is a long story, and I may blog about my fruitless attempt of enjoying a chicken avocado salad at Dean & David's at Bleicherweg on the weekend of not only Zurich's main strain station area being sealed off due to a major fire the previous night, but also the entire Stockerstrasse/Bleicherweg getting new tram tracks...

We do have lots of fountains in Switzerland, but frankly, if I am going to post a picture for a photo challenge it has to be Chicago's Buckingham fountain. It's just my favorite. So photogenic with the city's skyline in the background! Makes me want to go back so badly. 

I was gonna reuse a recent picture but then I decided to dig out an old picture of a Mississippi steam boat I took back in - let me think - 2003 when we visited New Orleans. I had high expectations of the city. Jazz, Seafood, Bourbon Street and French Quarter, but to be honest, it didn't klick. I did like the historic buildings, but I didn't like that the city got misused as a bachelor party location. That's what it felt like to me anyway.

I was feeling frisky when I put "tug-tuk" on the assignment list. How on earth was I going to pull this off considering I have never been to Thailand, Vietnam or the like? Not to worry. Zurich, Switzerland had my back. Twice! This red one has been parked in front of a shopping center all summer long, I think it was advertising for an Asian restaurant.

The pink one is even cooler! It serves as a sightseeing vehicle all across town! Tourists can book it and ask to be taken around. It is on the pricey side, but I think one of these days I'm gonna treat myself to it!

The attentive reader may notice that I've used this picture before. Well, it never gets old, and it looks the same for 8/12 months of the year... Mr C's hockey laundrables. Yes, I've created this word :-)

I was talking about Dean & David earlier. They have stores in Basel, Lucerne, Zug and Zurich, and most of them have terrible opening hours. The palm tree picture below was taken one night when we made another half-successful attempt of having dinner... I really need to get that post together... 

Finally straw hats. My Godfather and his wife were wearing them upon my Dad's belated birthday treasure hunt in July. I thought it was funny that they "parked" them on a shrub during dinner.

Those were my August pictures, I hope you enjoyed them, and I can't wait to see yours - please link up your post!

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