Top Ten Thursday - Decluttering

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

What are we going to do today? I don't know about you, but at our house some serious decluttering is necessary. So please join me and list ten things you got rid off,  areas you cleaned out and re-organized...! 

At the beginning of this summer break I told Colin he needed to clean out his toy cabinet where he keeps his books, DVDs, board games and tons of small items. He did a good job at it!

The other day while my husband worked from home, the guy who decalcified our boiler for central heating needed space to do his job, so hubby removed all the items that were blocking his way and left them on the stairs - obviously for me to take care of... Well, I put them right back where they were ;-)

One of the main areas that were in desperate need of attention is the bags section. 

Hi, my name is Tamara, and I'm a bag hoarder. 

We have one built-in cabinet in our house. One. It's where the vacuum and all the cleaning products live. It's also where I stuff the bags. 

I layed them all out on the dining table and sorted them: plastic / paper, small / big... 

I kept the ones I thought I might actually use in the near future. 

I disposed of all the other ones (three bags, filled with bags) and took them to recycling. I was pretty proud of myself!

I let myself keep the cutest ones even though I'll probably never actually use them.

Our entrance area which is supposed to deliver a good first impression is a major disaster area. 

Same goes for the wardrobe. You can't see it on these pictures but above the jackets there is a hat shelf that was covered with crap. Flags, a broken toy chopper, hidden Christmas chocolate from 2012, a single baby shoe (?!) Everything is gone.

Our living room also serves as drying / storage area for Colin's hockey gear. This week he's in hockey camp, so it's completely empty (and smell free). While I miss my boy, I enjoy this view!!!

My baking drawer is a recurring area of mess... I finally threw out expired baking supplies, and look at the space I generated!

I didn't take a BEFORE picture but this magnetic blackboard was covered with outdated information. What's the hockey stick doing there, you ask? It used to belong to a beloved favorite player of Colin's so it's basically a sanctuary ;-)

My closet. The BEFORE pic was taken halfway through the cleaning out process. 

I don't have a picture of the documents I threw out, but believe me, it was an entire bag full. I decided for  90% of the papers the following was true:

If I haven't been needing them up to now, I won't be needing them in the future.

And with that I'm DONE

I didn't get as much done as I thought was necessary. I trust the other messy areas are not going anywhere though, so there's always maƱana! 

Can't wait to hear about your clean up operations! Let me know in the comments down below or link up your own post.

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