Top Ten Thursday - There's a new President in Town

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today let's assume President Trump is out. Impeachment and removal from office, boom. For some reason Mr Pence doesn't automatically take over - it's you who's in charge now. List the top ten priorities you're tackling first. 

Ha! I admit I'm thrilled that the Donald is finally gone. I can't believe the mess he has created. While I am probably the least political person, I'm still confident I can do some good. Let's begin:
  1. First we need to get some closure: Mr Trump needs to release his tax returns, and possibly retroactively pay some more than he did. Also he needs to sincerely (I know it's a stretch) apologize to everybody he's belittled, annoyed, angered and done wrong by. The list is long, he'll be busy for a while. After he's done, he'll serve 572 days of community service. That's how long he's been in office up to today. He'll work for homeless shelters, soup kitchens, in agriculture (I'm thinking soybean farming), prisons and schools - while he's there, he might want to attend some classes. Can't hurt to brush up on history, English and math! As for Mr Putin and his buddies, I 'm not sure what authority I have, but they need to be put in place one way or another!
  2. Human Resources is dear to my heart, so of course I want to make a few ton of changes: the first person who needs to go is Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I can't even begin to explain what I dislike about her... I'll replace her with Rachel Maddow, the lady who's been doing a wonderful job researching and reporting the ins and outs at the White House in a comprehensible way. My new Director of National Intelligence is Robert Mueller who has been doing an outstanding job investigating conspiracy and obstruction of justice. FBI agent Peter Strzok, (I can't believe they fired him) whose only mistakes were to use his business phone for his epic texts and to cheat on his wife, is my new Director of the FBI. Rod Rosenstein is promoted to Attorney General. As my Secretary of State I need someone who's able to smooth things over with NATO, Canada, the European Union and other foreign parties. I know she's not into politics, but neither am I, so she's gonna have to take one for the team. Please welcome Mrs Michelle Obama :-) Oh, and as for my Vice President...? I choose someone whom I met and witnessed applying wonderful leadership: Howard Schultz, former Chief Coffee Officer. I want him to become my successor after my term is over. Beyond him,we'll need to work on the future requirements for individuals who run for President, I can't believe they have been limited to being a natural born U.S. citizen older than 35 years old and no prior terms served as President. We need to make sure the person understands the matters he or she will deal with, so a minimal IQ, communications skills and common sense are needed. Also the candidate can't have a criminal record and outstanding debts (apart from mortgages). In addition, some basic knowledge of vocabulary / spelling comes in highly useful, right, Mr. Stephen Calk..?
    My number one requirement, however, will simply be "be a decent person, for Christ's sake!!"
  3. Health Care: there must be a way to fix the health system and provide people with affordable care. One thing that needs to stop immediately are the pharmaceutical industry's and the insurance companies' legal bribery money campaign contributions in favor of congresspeople which makes them biased and unmotivated to promote change.
  4. I will undo and reverse the tax cuts Trump put in place. Only rich people benefitted from them anyway. The country has been accruing record debts, and we can't afford to give away money, especially to people who don't need it. I'll also cut costs. I can't believe Mr Trump wanted to spend almost 60% of the budget for defense. 
  5. Education: invest some serious resources (see above, 5% is a joke!) and dedication into the people who will run tomorrow's economy! I can't believe that in some overly conservative areas they're not even teaching science. What's that all about, keep your citizens in the dark so they'll believe everything you're feeding them? Encourage critical and solution oriented thinking and teach kindness.
  6. Economy: unemployment rates are currently OK, but minimum wages need to increase. It's unacceptable that millions of people have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. My team and I will look into tariffs and come up with a better plan that actually helps our farmers.
  7. Immigration: first of all the "ineligible" kids who have been removed and hauled across the country need to be reunited with their parents. No wall is to be built. We need a clear process to apply for asylum or residence permits. Appropriate resources are at the government's disposal. 
  8. Environment: Climate change is not a hoax, I repeat, no hoax, the United States can make a huge difference with little effort. We need  to re-committ to the Paris climate agreement, finally sign the Kyoto treaty and work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Let's focus on clean energy instead of the coal industry! Modern refuse incineration plants need to be built, and existing landfills need to be cleaned up. We need to invest in desalination facilities to meet current and future water needs.
  9. Food: I'm concerned about the processed crap that is sold to people. Feed them healthy food free from GMO, preservatives, trans fats, too much sugar and salt, and make it affordable, so the choice between a bag of chips and a salad is a no brainer. It's a great way to bring down health costs, btw.
  10. Guns: people have proven they can't handle weapons, so guns need to go for everybody, except law enforcement. Sorry, guys at the NRA, your days are gone, find something meaningful to do with your time!
I'm pretty happy with my plan, sounds straight-forward, right? Oh my goodness, wouldn't it be interesting to experience how all of this would actually play out? What do you think? Leave me a comment down below, or better yet, link up your own post!

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