Blog with Friends - How to rock Life as a part-time working Hockey Mom

Welcome back to another installment of Blog with Friends. September's theme is "Rock it", and I submitted my attendance last minute, working with what I had... my busy life as part-time working Hockey Mom - and how to rock it. Let's see if I can do it justice.

As I am known to come up with a list of ten every Thursday, I'll try and do this here as well.
  1. Embrace it. It's what your kids lives and breathes, so things for you as their Mom, laundry person, snack packer, chauffeur and coach will go much smoother if you consider it your calling to support your top scorer - even if he's still working on it. During the time you're away in the name of hockey you're not expected to do housework. Win!
  2. Yes, the gear is smelly. Having a ten year old, that's only the beginning, so brace yourself. There is some anti-stench spray you can buy at the sports shop. It won't take away 100% of the smell, but it'll reduce it notably.
  3. Your car (bonus points if you're driving a minivan that fits three or four hockey bags and sticks!!) is where a great deal of everyday activities are taking place: eating, napping, doing homework, reading books, listening to music, playing on the phone, even having an occasional conversation - so consider it quality time with your kid. Also have your vehicle well maintained - you can't affort for it to break down at any given moment - and bring all the stuff needed, including phone charger.
  4. Speaking of gadgets. If you're a blogger like me, and even if you aren't, it may be a good idea to bring an electronic device that allows you to get stuff done: answering emails, planning play dates and birthday parties, hair and dentist's appointments, shuffling around items to accommodate school, practice and your own day job.
  5. Have change for the parking meter - even if you think you're just picking up your kid from practice, sometimes they'll take their sweet time getting showered and dressed, and you wind up waiting there, chatting with fellow hockey moms, and before you know it an evil parking ticket ends up on your windshield.
  6. Know your high traffic events taking place in the arena's vicinity as it means there'll be congestions and no parking. For our hockey town it's typically Stierenmarkt (Bulls Market) on September 5 and 6, Zuger Messe (Zug Fall Fair) October 20 - 28, and the Circus November 6 and 7. Agree on a curbside pick-up with your little player. Remind him on how well he is taken care of otherwise all year long.
  7. On game days have not one but two alarms set. Expect to get up at stupid'o'clock on weekends between August and March. It is what it is. You have to drop your player an hour prior to the puck drop so they can warm up, discuss their game plan and get dressed. Have your own gear ready the night before: warm boots (don't think it's gonna be OK to show up in sneakers cause after all it's August. Ice is cold, no matter what month), scarf, snacks, mobile phone charger.
  8. Do some research about the town your youngster is going to play away games - you might want to go grab a bite, and knowledge is power. Otherwise you'll end up discussing for a lengthy time with other parents, dealing with hangry kids, googling pizza places that have gone out of business or have crazy opening hours. 
  9. Pool your resources. If some of your fellow hockey parents live close-by, try to car pool to practice and games. Unfortunately we live so far away from everybody we usually can't do it. I have benefitted from one family's hospitality though: Colin was picked up and invited for a sleepover and taken to the game the next morning, allowing hubby and I not only to enjoy my birthday dinner but to sleep an hour longer in the morning. Eternally grateful!
  10. Be aware that from one day to the next this may all be over: be it because your kid is injured, there are disagreements with the coach or at some point school, job and practiceit all gets too much. So enjoy it while it lasts, take pictures, make movies, make friends, make memories!
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