Halloween 2018

We kicked off this year's Halloween season while on vacation. I asked hubby to stop the car so I could jump out to take pictures of this front yard at Mt Lebanon, a nice Pittsburgh suburb.

Back home I squeezed in a trip to Jucker's Farm for their fairy creatures' themed pumpkin display. I'm pretty sure seeing a pumpkin unicorn is a once in a lifetime experience!

Colin had a companion on the back seat!

His bony friend stayed in the car while we had a Vampire Frappuccino, though.

The Fall Fair's Ferris Wheel has nothing to do with Halloween, but it is so pretty!!!

Scary face pancakes for breakfast.

Speaking of scary...

Colin's friends invited him over for some pumpkin carving.

Time for me to get ready for our party... We had mummy dogs, witch's fingers (black carrots) and turkey cheese toast.

The boys were allowed to go trick or treating alone for the first time. 

They did great and returned on time. Sadly we had no visitors at all this year. Who is gonna eat all that candy now?

We also had dessert leftovers - I may have overdone a little bit. I was just so inspired!

Bat cupcakes

Lychee Eyeballs

Frankenstein Kiwis

Another fun Halloween is in the books. Cheers!