Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blog challenge. This month, PJ, our host, picked "Nature" for us to interpret. 

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? 

Even though the village I live at can be considered countryside-ish, see above, I feel I am definitely not the outdoorsy type. I'm an urban girl, I  feel much more comfortable at the mall. Or the hockey arena, but that's for different reasons. 

Anyway. I won't let this stop myself from participating!

I did attend an outdoor wedding. It was lovely. Beautiful couple, scenic location, nice weather - I can do nature that way. Hubby always says the goal of marriage is to end up on a bench together. Looks like our bench is waiting for us to retire???

Hey, I even went for a walk in the park last weekend! What was the reason for my going there, though? I was looking for unicorns. Creatures or nature. Right? There's an entire blog post on the variety of unicorns I encountered in their natural habitat.

And when I don't meet animals outside - they may visit me inside! Like this cute kitten. It just walked through our office door, explored all the desks and later fell asleep on my accounts payable binder.

My car was in the shop. They gave me a hybrid vehicle as a temporary replacement. I had a hard time figuring out the cruise control as well as the navigation system. That's why I didn't use either. Instead I drove by ear. And ended up here. Sursee Lido at Lake Lucerne. Instead of the Ford dealership. Well, whatareyougonnado. It is pretty!

Another night, on my way home. What a spectacular sunset!

Those were my five six, I hope you enjoyed them. For more posts head over to A 'lil Hoohaa's blog and check out the other contributions.


  1. Great job Tamara, you know I love the kitty but sunsets are a weakness for me. What a beautiful spot to "end up at". Enjoy your vacation.

  2. I'd take Lake Lucern over the car dealership any day! And the colors in that last shot are stunning. Did you take the kitty home? Or is she now an office kitty?! :-)

  3. Love the concept of your "Retirement Bench"; something to look forward to! ☺ Lake Lucerne and the sunset photo are both spectacular! ♥ I enjoyed your unicorn photo essay with all the brightly-decorated creatures. The kitty is cute, too. I guess you have a new office mascot, now.

  4. Great sunset photo to end up this entry. I enjoyed the journey with you.

  5. Nice series of shots for the theme. I am a sucker for sunsets though and you really captured that last shot. Love the feel of the sky in it. Well done! :D

  6. The colors of that sky are so brilliant!

  7. Nice photos I like to enjoy nature from my lounge

  8. Lots of research shows that nearby nature (including office kitties, sunsets on the way home and unicorns in the park) have similar physical, emotional and mental benefits as a hike in the mountains. That's why I'm all about a daily dose of Vitamin N(ature) for everyone, everywhere! Thanks for taking part even though this was a little outside (see what I did there) your preferred places to be.


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