Use Your Words - Free Range vs No Boundaries

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once, and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

My words are:

swivel ~ interfere ~ shady ~ moderate ~ suspicious 

They were submitted by: On the Border  - Thank you, Diane!

I'm typing this at "Freiruum" a new multipurpose loft style venue just within walking distance of the hockey arena. There's trampolines, yoga, meeting rooms, creative workshops, free wifi and street food  booths offering various cuisines. I was intrigued, and today was the day I had no errands to run in the city and no friend to meet at the sports bar (not that I am complaining).

Freiraum stands for free space or open space, and space there is. Lots of.

The most interesting aspect is that this concept is housed in the former Landis & Gyr manufacturing plant, and I used to work on this campus 20 years ago. They used to make electricity meters, sensing devices for climate control systems and the like here. 

Now the disappointing part - you knew this was coming, right?

The delicious eateries have the most bizarre opening hours. 

Today is Tuesday. Meaning they only do lunch. 

Can you believe it? I had my set my eyes to the poké bowl place. A friend had posted a picture the other day, and it looked fantastic. "Thursdays and Fridays we re-open at 6pm" the friendly guy assured me. "Unfortunately I don't have anything I could fix for you right now, we ran out of rice." Thanks anyway. 

I can't help but think "only in Switzerland". 

Money, time and effort is spent on setting a up a fantastic place. Look at the design! So pretty!

The tenants pay rent, buy and stock ingredients, hire and train employees.

But then they go ahead and close shop after lunch??!! Why? The only place that seems to be open is a specialty coffee shop, but I need dinner!

Have they never heard of "if you build it, they will come"? Well, they did build it, but for Christ's sake, they need to keep it open for a diverse bunch of potential customers. 

Considering this, there's still a moderate amount of people sitting, working, chatting. They brought their own water bottles and snacks. 

The two young moms with their toddler boys who were jumping up and down left. Can't say that I'm sad. 

They were regular, active little guys, I guess. 

Of all the places they could have jumped and screamed it had to be right next to me, if not to say all over me. 

The entire building measures 82,000 square meters, just to give you an idea. 

There are cushions for the people to sit on. Of course they had to take them into their sticky little hands, swivel them over their heads, throw them on the floor and promptly jump and trample on them with their shoes.

The mothers didn't seem to believe in setting boundaries. 

Is it just me or are they raising a generation of people who think the world revolves around them, and they can do and get anything, anytime?

One single time one of the moms interfered and threatened "stop it or we'll leave immediately!" Yeah right. They were still slurping their coffee and had no intention of following through. 

I know I sound judgmental. They are Moms, surely they deserve to chat in peace.

Hold on, what's going on here at the Freiruum? It's 5:50pm, and they are switching off the lights? Are they closing up entirely? The lounge I have been sitting at is getting mighty shady. I guess I'll leave in that case. 

I remember I am am Mom, too, to an eleven years old who trains hard on the ice and will be hungry as he gets off. I planned on bringing him something from here, but that didn't go well. 

Over to the grocery store I walk. At least I'm getting some steps in. Last week I spent a couple of days sick in bed and barely moved because everything hurt. Have you ever heard of limb pain also affecting your gums?

At the supermarket there are the toddlers again. Not the actual ones I met before, but more of the same type. 

In Switzerland - and I guess this is true for other countries as well? Let me know - they like to display baked items in baskets giving off this amazing smell and looking appetizing, too. They provide tongs and baggies so you can pick your croissants and bread rolls.

Now little kids being little kids think this is playing house, only that it is playing grocery store. They grab a donut and place it in their little shopping cart. 

Colin in December 2009

Once the grown-up who's supposed to watch them looks up from their phone notices and says no, provided they haven't eaten it yet, they will grab it again and put it back. Some may actually have poked the baked goods, and there's visible damage, not to speak of the germs, and... I just can't. 

What part of you touch it you buy it don't these parents get?

And what's with the messy eating while grocery shopping? Yes, it may keep the kids happy, but come on, this is a store, not a restaurant. Give them a cracker if they are low on energy. Do they need to actually slobber yogurt all over themselves and the cart? Are they going to starve if they wait for their snack till after the cash registers?

Instant gratification much?

Blame the full moon, or the fact that I spent last week sick in bed, but now I'm in full blown cranky mode, pointing my finger at parents who should do better:

The ones that say "oh, kids will be kids", shrugging off what ever BS their children keep doing. I hate when they don't respect other people's property and for a lack of better words, personal space. Why do kids think it's OK to 

and their parents, instead of being mortified, instead of promising to talk to their kids, and instead of offering to replace items or paying for repairs - will just deny responsibility? 

Be a good role model and do the right thing!

I know I should calm down. Being annoyed isn't going to accomplish anything. I am actually running a relaxing fire to try and be cool. calm and collected:

I have one more parenting rant, though, speaking of YouTube:

The ones that are sedating their offspring with electronic gadgets. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying tablets, the internet and video games are from hell. Hell, no, actually. Lots of good stuff out there, educational, too. I give YouTube a lot of credit for my son's English skills. 

However, he has never played on his iPad in public with the full volume on. Why should other people do so, not only kids, btw? Grown-ups think it's acceptable to watch dumb, jabbering and shrieking content presenters while riding the train. 

Be considerate, get yourself some ear buds and leave the rest of us alone!

I'm staring hard into those flames, you guys. 

Photo by Jayden Wong on Unsplash

I don't know what's going on with me. I usually mind my own business, focus on the positive and live happily in my bubble. Maybe I am turning into a frustrated old hag. 

While I'm not ready for the Holidays, I may be in desperate need of some Elf on the Shelf fun. Two more weeks!

There is one word left that I haven't used, so I let Elvis sing it: Suspicious Minds.

So what's on your minds? Anything irritating you? Ready for the holidays? Let me know down below.

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  1. I love the look of that venue but you're right, what's this "lunch only" thing, I'm guessing they're losing more customers than just you.
    And about the kids, I go back and forth between being annoyed when the parents clearly aren't watching them and thinking how glad I am I'm the one sitting calmly by myself not the one with misbehaving kids.

  2. Tamara, unruly children are one of my pet peeves. Probably because I was a bit strict with my own children, or the fact that I taught manners in's sad. If kids are on their electronics in public, you'll usually find their parent on their own phones, ignoring the kids. I get very grouchy about it. LOL. I hope you're feeling better these days (limbs and gums sound like an infection). On a positive, that freiruum sounds like an amazing concept! I hope it gets its use and a more regular food schedule!

  3. What a grand idea, all that space and free wifi. But what are they thinking to close after lunch and roll up the sidewalks at 6?
    And don't get me started on lax parenting. I just want to be a fly-on-the-wall when those kids hit 14. Yikes.
    Great work with the words, Tamara!

  4. I sat here reading and giggling. You sound like me. Being older with grown kids and now grandkids , I'm in agreement with you. Kids these days run the household, stores, world it seems. So demanding, rude and easily offended even as children. Sad times.

  5. I am in love with Freiruum! I go there two mornings a week there to work. With my hot tea and noise cancelling headphones at the ready (for those toddlers ;-)) I get more work done there than I do at home! By the time I am done, the food stalls are open (which are delicious by the way) and I grab my lunch and head home before the rush. It is good to hear there are people there in the afternoons, which I hope means they will open the food longer. But as a business I understand why they start with shorter hours - they want to succeed and not fail one year in because they have over staffed during off-peak times. But one thing they do have to change is that trampoline area needs to be open before 11am weekdays so those toddlers have somewhere to go ;-)

  6. We are kindred spirits. Empty nesters with grown children and no grads...well, there's the grand cat...I harken back to times when the kids were tots and thank the Lord they were so well behaved.

    Good post, lots of work on this one.

  7. Wow. So weird that they don't open and stay open thru to dinner. That place is huge. I'm sure lunch customers are not paying all of that overhead. - Omgosh... The kids who reach into the donut cases or bread cases and then their parents make them put whatever it is they grabbed, back! Um.. No. In fact, I have said something to the parents. That's just gross. Kids are petri dishes of bacteria. Who wants that on their bread or anything else? Great post.


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