Strawberry 🍓 Vending Machine

We have a wide variety of farmer's roadside stands and indoor stores. Last month I blogged about them in detail as part of my Swiss A - Z, head over here to read it

Most display and label their produce and you leave your money in a box. Most customers are honest. 

As soon as the strawberry 🍓  season starts, we're off to Ammerswil, a tiny town 5 miles from our house. I don't even know if their strawberries taste the best, but they sure provide a fun experience.

A strawberry themed cow (because why not, after all we're in Switzerland?) and a sign that says "Erdbeeren" = strawberries let you know that you have arrived.

Turn off the main road and follow the sign, and you'll see the giant strawberry house. Anybody home?

Some farmers use the window to actually serve you in person. This family has better things to do than to spend their time sitting in a strawberry (even though it might be fun for the kids?)

Instead they installed a vending machine. It accepts coins and bills and provides change, too.

Five bucks a box

First strawberries of the season! We're excited!

Bye, cow - we're headed home!

The verdict..? Give them a sunny week or two, and they'll be perfect! The entire month of April was gorgeous: blue sky, sunshine, warmth. Come May it started pouring. Nature is glad, though. It had become mighty dry around here.

Do you get your strawberries (or other produce) from local farmers?


  1. Wow. Love the cow! Love Switzerland too. One of my bff's works for the UN and lived in Geneva when we were in our 20s so I spent a summer there! it was wonderful.

  2. Switzerland has the coolest places! I hope one day I get to see it in person. Strawberries are out here too and we've been eating them like crazy!

  3. I love this!!! Now I want a strawberry vending machine.
    And a strawberry cow...

  4. That is one clever idea! I don't know how I'd feel about it--I might try it but I like to examine the fruits carefully before buying!

  5. What a fun place to visit! I love the pics too!

  6. I’m not a fan of strawberries but my daughter is. She wants to go to one of those u-pick-it farms and pick some fresh. She’d probably love the vending machine. Lol


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