Pink 💖 is the new Black

We're observing National Pink Day today!

I call my post "Pink 💖 is the new Black" because - apart from its representing breast cancer - I mainly associate clothes and accessories with this color.

For some reason my Mom firmly believed I was going to be a boy. I guess that's the reason why my baby blanket was light blue. Or because she just disliked pink.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my clothes were dominated first by orange and mustard brown, then by neon yellow, green and bright pink. 

However, my favorite color, as far as I remember, was always royal blue.

My Mom being a Kindergarten teacher believed in sustainable toys that foster creativity. Barbies were out of the question, not only because they are made of plastic, but also because they promote an unrealistic body image.

So far so good.


My Grandma. 

She and I shared our birthday, so we were cosmically connected. 

When she heard I wanted to play with Barbies, she got me some, and we kept them at her house. I was there often and enjoyed playing with the pedagogically invaluable crap made in China.

When I was a little older, we had one more thing in common: we were fascinated by gems and semi-precious stones. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire are the only ones originally acknowledged as "precious stones" - all the others are "semi". 

Our favorite was rose quartz, even though, techincally our birth stone was the Amethyst. 

Back then I didn't now about the healing qualities it is supposed to have. Later in life I was going to encounter people who place it on their computers in order to prevent headaches and eye fatigue, provided that you discharge the stone under running water on a regular basis.

For the sake of this post I looked up what else rose quartz might do for us. It's supposed to be effective against earth and water radiation, thus improving the quality of sleep!

It is associated with the heart chakra and is therefore believed to open the heart to all kinds of love and give off soothing and calming vibes and to lower tension and stress. It doesn't stop there. Wearing a rose quartz pendant is said to promote proper functioning and health of the heart and circulatory system and increase your fertility, alleviate postpartum depression and other issues in connection with complicated births. 

Too bad I only learn about this now!!!

Even if the power of these stones is about as scientifically proven as the one of essential oils, if believing in it helps your purpose, who am I to be sceptical about it?

By the way it's kind of ironic that this very post prompted me to learn about rose quartz. It's been a year that my Grandma passed away (June 20, 2019) and I think I need to get myself a pretty heart shaped rose quartz in her honor. 

Darn, this was supposed to be an uplifting post, and now here I am, sitting in the middle of the night, sobbing to the music of Josh Groban, to where you are. 

Let's go back to color pink and what it kind of represents: playfulness, girlieness, sweetness...

Speaking of sweet. I made something the other day. I came across Gemma's recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt and decided to make my own version. Instead of blueberries I used strawberries, and I thought chunks of shortbread would be tastier than graham cracker crumbs, especially since I can't purchase them in Switzerland anyway. 

This is what it looked like.

It was OK, and somewhat healty-ish, but next time I'll just make regular cheesecake again.

Now let me ask you:

Do you wear pink? 

If given the choice, are you team frozen yogurt or regular cheesecake?

Let me know down below.

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  1. I love that your grandmother bought you Barbies to keep at her house, what a sweet memory. I do hope you get that heart shaped rose quartz in her honor.

  2. Can I just choose both? Cheesecake AND frozen yogurt?
    Huh. I was today years old before I knew all that stuff about rose quartz. I have one. Now I'll bring it out of its box to sit on my computer!

  3. Pink is an lovely colour,just saying also I love cheesecake


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