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Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blog challenge. 

For the month of July our host PJ gave us the following prompt: Letters.

I wrote an entire post about letters that I wrote and / or received. Guess what though; it's hard to take pictures that go with them. Starting over...

So we're on our summer break, and since traveling in the U.S. is out of question this year, we did something we've been wanting for a while now: to visit the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that opened in the German part of Switzerland. 

I have never been to a KFC in America. Whenever we were in a parking lot with one nearby, I always felt repulsed by the strong frying oil smell.

We were very positively surprised and had a wonderful experience in the one we visited outside Zurich. Not smelly, nice interior, tasty food, decent price (for Switzerland, haha). We will certainly come back. We also decided to do a burger challenge this summer. I blogged about it here.

As I was saying, no roadtrip visiting the Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon is coming up for us, but upon dropping Colin off for hockey camp at 7:30am on Monday morning, I decided once I was up and ready to go, I'd take the opportunity  and explore some travel bucket items.

Whenever you are in Switzerland and you spot this red frame with the letters spelling GRAND TOUR you know you're in for a treat. 

This one here are the Giessbach Fall, which thunders down 500 meters (1,640 feet) into the lake Brienz in different stages. See my video here.

I had lunch in Thun, a town located where the river Aare flows out of Lake Thun. There are several pretty bridges allowing you not only to cross the river but (for some adventurous people) to do some river surfing. See my video here. 

Since this post is not about surfing, but letters here's what the Italian restaurant was called. And yes, it's right beside the river. A Swan Mama with her babies joined me. Can you believe the color of the water? I was told it's from the snowmelt.

On my way back to the parking garage, I came across this. Yay, letters! but what is it? Art? Does it have another purpose? 

In fact it's a public bookshelf. You may exchange a book, drop the ones you won't read again or just take one.

One of the highlights of the Bernese Alpine Area is a (mostly) winter resort called Gstaad and look, they did a nice job spelling it out in a mosaic!

Throughout the entire village every building needs to be a chalet to keep things authentic and touristy. Even my favorite leather goods store that goes by the letters LV! 

I had been wanting a spring special edition that was sold out but I figured I should at least ask once I was there. And you won't believe it... I had to buy myself a YOLO (you only live once) gift. My gift to you - as in bonus picture - is that you'll get to see it:

I hope you're doing well and hanging in there. Head over to A'lil Hoohaa's blog to see what my fellow photographers / bloggers came up with.


  1. I write letters all the time not with pen & paper because that is next to impossible for me now days, last week I wrote 10 letters

  2. Nice to see that you're able to go out and about to restaurants. I think it will be a long time before I dine in at a restaurant, unfortunately.

  3. I love feeling like I traveled through your photos.

    The bookshelf is my favorite!


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