Day Trip to the Bernese Alps

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my day off a while ago. Colin and his teammates gathered on Monday at 7:30am for their ride to hockey camp.

They had to hand in their health questionnaire, someone took their temperature and presented them with a mask, and off they went.

After dropping him off I had nothing pressing to do at home or at work so I was like "I have a couple items on my Swiss travel bucket list, if not today, then when..?"

First destination Giessbach Falls. A friend was there recently and posted pictures of how they actually walked behind the falls. It was going to be a warm day, and I figured the cool mist would be perfect. I was there so early that I didn't need the refreshment, but it was still nice. 

I guess people don't only come here for the falls though.

The entire area is very pristine. The fairy-tale like hotel

as well as the original funicular that is taking you down to the lake Brienz. 

I didn't want to take the funicular it as I had a lot of driving ahead of me if I wanted to visit the other places on my list. 

Oberhofen Castle outside Thun was one of them. 

I love spots that include a blue sky, palm trees, a body of water and snowcapped mountains. How many places on earth are there that can say that about themselves?

All the driving and picture taking make a girl hungry. I don't think I have ever spent time in the city of Thun, so I had no expectations, and I was so blown away by the great summer vibes in this town!

It was pretty crowded though, and most outdoor seating didn't seem to care about social distancing, so I didn't feel like sitting down anvery few tables anyway, and that's where I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. 

I don't mind eating alone.  I know of many ladies who feel awkward to doing so. Soon enough I got company anyway. A Swan Mama and her babies joined me. 

So peaceful, and look at the water! I have been told it looks that way because it contains snowmelt.

As I was saying I was not familiar with this city, so I had no idea people came here to surf!

Off to the next highlight! This one is sort of a traveling exhibition. An artist called Doug Aitken created a house of mirrors and put it in the middle of the Bernese Alps' nowhere. 

Good news for me, it is accessible by only a short hike of 10 - 15 minutes. I wouldn't have wanted to walk longer in the summer heat. 

Bad news for me, since it is accessible so easily, I wasn't the only visitor, and since there are mirrors all over, it's super hard to take a picture that doesn't include the other tourists! 

One lady even made her stay an all day trip with her toddlers. They had plopped down in front of the house, spreading out their belongings: food, sun lotion, toys, diapers, you name it. How rude. Do these people think they own the place?

The building is called Mirage Gstaad, even though it's located in the next town, Schönried. 
You can't come to the area without visiting Gstaad though. It is mostly a famous ski resort, but they also host a popular men's tennis ATP tournament every summer. Except 2020 that is.

Throughout the entire village, every building needs to be in chalet style in order to keep things authentic (and touristy). 

There is a car-free pedestrian / shopping mile to be enjoyed, which I did.

Compared to other alpine villages, Gstaad is on the posh side. So for visitors who are not looking for a budget room will check into the Gstaad Palace. 

If you were to go there, say this weekend, a night would cost from CHF (=USD) 765 in a cozy room as they call it (broom closet?) up to 1,650 in their junior suite with mountain view.

For fun's sake I wanted to check prices at Christmastime, but comparable rooms are not available. They do offer a few with forest view, and they are all four-figure.

On my way back home I followed the Simme river and admired the pretty wooden bridges.

It's pretty amazing what sights you can visit within just a day, isn't it?


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