Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's photo blogging challenge. This month's theme is Sports.

This is easy, here are five different ice hockey pictures, boom, I'm done. 

You deserve better, though, so I went on a bit of a hunt. I wanted to steer clear of the obvious, so there will be no pictures of tennis players, golfers, soccer players or joggers.

Instead I went above and beyond to score a somewhat legal parking spot at "the beach".  We don't have any oceans in Switzerland, so I'm simply talking about a lakeside. 

On a gorgeous summer day people go there to swim, hang out, sunbathe, you name it.

Some enjoy doing some Kite Surfing.

Others play Beach Volleyball.

In another town brave guys try themselves at River Surfing (I had no idea this even existed.)

Our mountains offer countless hikes, but this is not what this picture represents. What you're supposed to do at this tiny lake is to be Treading Water.

And for those who'd rather not get wet - take off your shirt and show us what you got: Skateboarding.

Which activity would you rather do?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. So many people love sport, I am not one of them

  2. Your landscape photos are always so stunning! Great selection of activities. I love the kite surfing capture!


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