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Blog with Friends. This month's topic is The 🍏 Apple 🍎 Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree 🌳

It's interesting how some sayings translate literally and others don't. 

We say: "Der Apfel fΓ€llt nicht weit vom Stamm", so instead of "tree" the German language likes it more precise and uses "trunk". It is certainly true for hubby and son. You may also say "like father like son". This would be for a separate post though. Let's move on with our apples here.

We have one in German about a sour apple: to bite into the sour apple means to bite the bullet. Don't know which one is worse?

The apple is a popular item to use in idioms, and I'm not quite sure whether we have Eve to thank for it? So what have we got here?
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor πŸ§‘πŸ½‍⚕️ away: eating fruit and veggies is always good advice. Five a day, remember! 
  • The apple of my eye: applies to my son. I have been so lucky to be his Mom. I hope I won't get too difficult once he hits puberty.
  • (Not) to mix oranges 🍊 and apples 🍏: if you're going to do a comparison, use things that are in fact similar. Also never believe a chart you haven't falsified yourself 😜
  • To be one smart apple. Honestly I have only ever heard that one including baked goods. As a matter of fact a friend used to call me smart cookie πŸͺ
  • To upset the applecart: if your plate is a full as mine, you don't appreciate people changing appointments on you.
  • An apple-polisher? Looks like a nicer word for brown-noser. We don't like them. Sometimes, during a debate, they have a fly on their head.
  • Second bite of the apple: sometimes you blow your chance, and you sure appreciate if somebody is giving you another chance.
  • To be American as pie: these days I'm not so sure what "being πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ American" even means. Even as an outsider I feel people are becoming more divided every day. Moving on.
  • A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel: don't be the individual that disrupts the entire operation!
  • How do you like them apples? Is it used in a genuinely proud way, or are people who say this a bit smug?
  • Apple pie order: Karen, this one is for you for being on top of countless writing challenges, participants, deadlines, files and stuff - thank you for keeping your ducks πŸ¦† in a row for us all!
  • And even though this is a non-apple one, we always love a good analogy including poultry: don't count your chickens 🐣 until they hatch: it is true for so many situations we find ourselves in, right?

Do you use any of these sayings? Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. So funny that the one you dedicated to me is actually one I'd never heard before. But the absolute best line of this whole post, really gave me a much needed laugh, is the one about the fly! That one makes you as American as apple pie, in my book anyway!

  2. It is pretty funny, when you think about it, how many saying have apple in it. And in so many different contexts. I can't say any of them are a favorite, per say, but there is no doubt that I use some of them at times! Good post!

  3. There's nothing better than a crisp, juicy apple. I love that these sayings translate to many other languages.

  4. I like apples Pink Lady apples Tim goes for Granny Smith apples

  5. It´s so funny - we have the same idiom in Czech: "jablko nepadΓ‘ daleko od stromu" :) I also know the next two, but I am not familiar with the other ones. So fun to learn them!

    1. Well, you need to know a Swiss apple related song: 's Ramseiers wei go graase" ;-)

    2. I knew some of those, but not all of them. Thanks for this!


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