Secret Subject Swap - Year 2030

Welcome to September's Secret Subject Swap

Again 6 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

You wake up in year 2030.

What do you see?  

It was submitted by: The Crazy Mama Llama - thank you, Sarah!

"No more snoozing, we've got to get going" I excitedly tell my husband. "The plane is not going to wait for us!"

As we arrive at Zurich Airport, gigantic screens tell us about the safety precautions that apply. It's gotten the most normal thing in the world to bring masks and to disinfect your hands upon entering a public building. 

A chip built into your passport (yes, it's still a paper booklet) contains your health data acquired from FitBits, Apple Watches and the like, as well as from your personal file at the doctor's office. 

If the immigration officer was interested, he'd be able to look up your blood type or if you've ever had surgery and what kind. Yeah, well. We're still good to go, and soon enough we board our plane.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome onboard of our e-plane flight LX33 with service to Seattle, WA. We are currently third in line for take-off..."

Who would have thought there were going to be zero CO2 aircraft? 

The arm rest has a new feature; there is a transparent compartment divider that shields you from your fellow passengers. No more fighting over the arm rest, it's taken!

Remember the chicken question?

No, not why the chicken crossed the road. Although that is a great question, too.

I'm talking about the chicken or beef question with regards to airplane lunch. People barely eat meat anymore. It has become too expensive and too politically incorrect, and eating a plant-based diet has become the normalcy. 

Arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport we wait at ground transportation. 

I am thrilled to detect that smoking has been banned from public places altogether. There used to be the 25 feet rule to keep away from entrances, but who was counting, so as soon as you stepped out of the airport building, you would be "welcomed" by cigarette smoke. Not missing that. At all. 

Colin sent us a self-driving Tesla that takes us to the Marriott located just 1.5 miles from the Climate Pledge Arena, formerly know as Key Arena, home to the Seattle Sonics. Howard Schultz sold them back in 2006 and people are still angry about it.

So this is where Colin's team, the Seattle Kraken, is going to play the season opener against the Vancouver Canucks tonight, almost a city derby!

Speaking of Howard, my former Starbucks boss... 

The Donald - with a little help of his Russian friends - won the 2020 election again and was very smug about it. It didn't take long though and his mental state went further south up to the point that he was declared unfit, and he had to step down as POTUS. Mike Pence came and went without raising too much dust.

Fast forward to 2024: Mr Schultz decided to run and actually made it! 

Man, have things turned around since then. The economy went up while federal deficit, unemployment, poverty  and crime went down. Equality is happening, same for climate change. He fixed healthcare and immigration and made friends with foreign leaders who turned their back on the U.S. no thanks to his predecessor.

The world was literally breathing a sigh of relief. Well, most of us. Can't please anyone. Anyone being 9 billion people worldwide - let that sink in for a minute. That's a lot of people!

Back to the current day.

Colin's first official NHL game, I still can't believe it. Wasn't it just the other day that he was a little hockey fanatic who could not skate? 

And yet, two years ago he got the opportunity to transfer to the Kraken's AHL team in Palm Springs, CA - you can only imagine my joy about Colin's new home. 

Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash

He immediately moved in with two of his new teammates. As long as we are not retired we can't live there permanently ourselves, but we try to make it a point to visit at least every other month. 

While I'm sad not to have a reason to come to Southern California any more, I am thrilled he got the honor to be called to the NHL franchise, and I still have a few former Starbucks coworkers I am friends with, so I'm fine with him being in the Pacific Northwest as well.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the National Anthem, presented by Justin Bieber...

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  1. I love your view of the future and hope that Colin has a chance to live his dream. But the thought of trump winning 2020 and even the thought of pence as "president" really terrifies me.

  2. From your fingertips to God's ears haha! I like your version can I just go to sleep and wake up then too?

  3. This makes one wonder what life will be like in 10yrs time but not me I just live for today

  4. Very well done!! Except, we need Colin to come play for the Tampa Bay Lightening...GO BOLTS!


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