Elf on the Shelf, Season 2020 - Episode 4

Last week Cookie and Biscuit returned from being missing elves, tried to get even with Jimmy Kimmel and turned couch potatoes into potato chips. Let's see what this week brings:

Seasons Greetings from outer space 🪐 Our elves joined NASA for a mission. You can spot from afar the planets earth 🌎 as well as green canditer and red lollius 🍭!

They practiced the three cups shuffle magic trick. Where is the coin? Guess again!

Last night everybody who's cool was watching "2000 Days of hardcore Minecraft". At least Colin and our elves did so. These YouTubers seem to have the perfect job, they get to play and talk about their favorite game all day - and night. Why should a teenager even attend school?

Face mask - repurposed. For the elves it's a hammock, and they were happy to hang out there all day.

Cookie and Biscuit don't quite get what all the fuss about gingerbread houses is. Why do some people go to all the trouble of baking gingerbread, cutting shapes and tediously assembling pieces using royal icing if in all reality it's so simple? Ginger and bread equals gingerbread house. You're welcome. 

They were so proud of their "baking" skills, they left us a questionnaire asking us to rate them.

Over the course of these past week it has become clear that the shy guy is really the naughty one. 

Is it just me or do the weeks in December just fly by? This was on Christmas Eve. Like every year I am not sure if they will return. Next year Colin will be 13, can you believe it?