Can I be an online Editor for a Swiss Hockey Platform?

I should be prepping for this year's A - Z Blogging Challenge. 

However, something came up. I applied to be an online Editor for a Swiss Hockey Platform - you know, because I have all that spare time.

The good news is: 

  1. I have heard back within 24 hours (being an HR person I love this fact!)
  2. The message wasn't your standard "thanks for your interest, your application will be reviewed, and you'll hear from us - don't call us, though." No, the message was from an actual person who asked some questions about my background, which I am happy to answer.

So here goes.

How did you fall in love with hockey? 

Once upon a time there was a girl growing up in a Swiss canton that is not about hockey. Aargau. She did watch some soccer so she found something to talk about with her Dad. When she was all grown up and embarked for a career in Human Resources, she got a job in what today is called hockey town. Zug.

Still she had no clue about hockey, though. She worked long hours and usually, upon leaving the office, there would only be 2 - 3 cars left on that large corporate parking lot. Especially when summer was over, and it was getting dark earlier, it could be somewhat spooky.

One particular night she wanted to go home and noticed the parking lot was full! More than full actually. Cars were parked all over, even on the spaces that was reserved for bicycles?! Wow, they must be holding some sort of big event, she thought. Looked for her car and went home.

A few day later, it must have been after 8pm, because that's when the cleaning lady got stern and told the young señorita to call it a day, the trabajo would not disappear and still be here  mañana. Just as the main door closed, she heard some sounds that were like a crowd of people going "oh, noooo!" It was coming from the next block. 

Again, the parking lot was full. Another event, again?? 

As she got closer to her car, more sounds. Cheering! Some kind of horn playing! Music! Singing. 

OMG, that must be at the stadium over there. A hockey game! It sounded like the people were having fun. Gotta catch one - some day!

She asked Andy, a coworker who she overheard to have some role promoting hockey kids. He was amused. "How long have you been working here now? Who was in charge of your job orientation? Clearly, you need to be educated better."

Next thing he did was to convince the girl to take part in the annual fun hockey tournaments he used to put together. "Can you skate a little? That's all it takes. We'll provide the gear, you just show up."

For a period of almost 10 years, she, and later, they attended right up until the year she got pregnant. 

Later, the tournament was discontinued, I had moved on job-wise, but the friendship stayed alive, and every year we would be invited to watch the fundraising Skateathon. That's how young Colin got to meet Paul di Pietro, then EV Zug forward, Stanley Cup winner 1993 with Montréal Canadiens.  Nobody knew at this point that Paul was going to meet Cyndy, who was going to be Colin's skills coach once he started hockey school.

Hockey school? Yes, Colin was impressed with the players and started to watch hockey on TV when he was as young as two years old. 

Andy told him "When you're five, tell your Mom to take you to Zug on Wednesday afternoons. OK?"

Sure thing. Mom tried to teach him how to skate, but frankly, he was more interested in stick handling!

The rest is history...

Today will be Colin's last U13 practice for the season.

Do you support a certain team or do you just follow it in general? 

Since my son plays for them, and I used to work next door, I do particularly support EVZ, and since they've consistently made the play-offs, I've never had to "just follow it in general" ;-) 

Kidding aside, yes, I also follow it in general where Switzerland and Swiss players in North America are concerned. Don't ask me what's going on in the KHL though. Except, I'm still in shock about that young guy, Timur Faizutdinov Heartbreaking.

You also mentioned that you maintain a blog: is it related to hockey or do you write about other topics as well?

Here's the deal: to my knowledge not a lot of my readers are interested in hockey. This is why I usually keep the hockey blabbering low, but since it's so interlocking with my everyday life, you'll always read about practice, laundry or games here and there.

For our fall trip in 2019 I made a hard distinction; two posts about our family vacation:

Hockey related

Sightseeing related

Apart from my blog, I also maintain a YouTube Channel where I upload Colin's team's highlights. 

So what do you think - will I get a chance to do a trial shift?


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