A - Z 2021: Zero in

Welcome back, guys! Yesterday we were talking about how The Days are long, but the Years are short.

Today is the last day of this years A - Z challenge, so we're literally 

Zero-ing in

meaning, narrowing down our task and aiming at our target.

Whoa, what a ride it has been!

Every year I pledge to start early and write ahead all my posts so I can use my time to visit other blogs. While so far I have never managed to be done with 26/26 in advance, I am quite happy with the amount of prep work I put in this year. 

I took the picture above in the parking garage of my favorite Mall. 

It was December 23 of a random year before the virus. The Mall offer 4,500 parking spaces, which is usually enough. On Saturdays things can get busy though. (Stores are closed on Sundays in Switzerland, so everybody tries to run their errands on Saturday.)

So on that particular 12/23 Colin was off school, so I had to take off work. It was the morning our cleaning lady came to our house to make everything nice for Christmas, so we had to find something to do in order not to be in her way. For some reason we thought it'd be fun to go to the mall and watch desperate people ;-)

We arrived early, even before it was officially open, and had we had no trouble finding a parking spot. However, just an hour later, all h*** broke loose. 

So what's the moral of the story?

Just like us A - Z bloggers know way ahead of time that the month of April is approaching, and we should better get started early with our writing, people know that Christmas is happening in December, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with shopping in November ;-)

Don't procrastinate, or else... there's no parking for you!

In my book life is way less stressful if you get sh** done in time. If you rely on being able to do your tasks at the last moment, something will definitely go wrong. Computers crash, you have to take your kid to the doctor, the pet pukes on the carpet, you name it, it happens...

Happy Friday, my friends! I feel like we should go out and have a drink now. Actually, we can!

I'm participating in a monthly photo blogging challenge, and conveniently April's prompt is Drink Up, so head over, there's enough for everyone!

Are you the organized type or do you like the thrill of winging things last minute?

Let me know and don't forget to leave the link to your post so I can visit.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey!

Let's keep in touch:

There's going to be a reflection post next week, so it's a date!


  1. The picture looks so beautiful, it's such a dazzling blue.
    I am not too organized nor do I do everything last minute. So its somewhere in between


  2. It's a date alright... ooh a photo challenge ..can I join? December 23rd is Tall Cool ☺ne's birthday. I am bummed that it's the end, but yes let's stay connected. I gotta put my list out there like you did. I'm both kinds of people...I think I like to plan and have it all set and done, but then a the last minute the cat pukes on the carpet and that's all shot to H-E-double hockey sticks. I've got to go back through and catch all of your posts ... I know I missed a lot. And you just make me smile so much I love to read your posts. Have a great day

  3. Thanks for ending with a toast -- we all deserve it after A to Z. It's been fun reading your posts and sayings -- and seeing how you interpret them. And in the spirit of this post, I have already begun my outline for next year's A to Z Challenge! Now I'm off to buy a tee shirt :-) https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/zip-code-scares-and-zap-power-outage-atozchallenge/

  4. Cheers! 🥂 Wonderful challenge!

  5. I always try to have as many pre-done before A to Z starts, but I think this was the worst year for that. I had all the research and notes written well before hand, but not the actual posts. It's meant I haven't got to as many other blogs as I planned. Congrats on making it!!

  6. Unlike you, I didn't do any prep work. I'm one of those people who on occasional, do everything at the last minute. I don't seem to be able to prepare for anything.

    Congrats on making to the end!

    Have a lovely day.

    My A-Z posts are here.

  7. A fun post, and congrats on completing the challenge. I've always enjoyed the challenge of writing on the day of the letter, but I think I may change my MO next year. It felt exponentially more difficult this year to visit as many other blogs as I would have liked. In this case I'd have to disagree with your post of yesterday - in April the days are extra short. :-)

  8. I am the organized type 90% of the time but then I decide to give myself a break .. it is not my comfort zone and often I end up ending the break and getting back to being organized LOL
    Great visiting your blog and reading about your randomly choosen different topic. You managed to surprise me a different post everytime I came over..
    Thank you for the tip of making my profile visible to readers as well. Good luck with blogging.


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