It’s Your World!

Welcome back to another edition of A 'lil HooHaa's Photo Blogging Challenge. September's prompt was It’s Your World! Let's see:

The month kicked off with the traditional day-long hockey tournament in Grüsch, the Grisons Alps, always a highlight. Between games, we even squeezed in a mini hike.

It's quite the project to put together the great scenes and goals of a handful games into a seven minutes' video. My son contributed the fabulous scoreboard.

Unfortunately do game days come with getting up super early and driving home with everybody else, and we end up being stuck in traffic. Sometimes we at least get rewarded with a freeway sunset ;-)

On a rare day off (and what a gorgeous one it was) I visited my beloved pumpkin patch. And look who was there, too - my distant cousin!
Every year they do a fantastic job displaying pumpkin in very unique ways. If you avoid the weekends, the crowds are not too bad.

In my "old life" I lived and worked in the Zug area for about six years. Colin has been training here for eight years and counting. This year was the first time I actually visited the annual "Bull's Market". Yes, it is what you (may) think it is. A cattle market organized by the Swiss Cattle Breeders' Association. On two market days, farmers from all over Switzerland and even from neighboring countries come to Zug to buy or sell animals. The event also includes food booths and a small fairground, so there's fun to be had for everybody.

These were my five (plus one video), I hope you had fun hanging out in my world!

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  1. Your world has some amazing scenery! 😍 Those hockey videos are very well done. 👌

  2. I remember pumpkin patch "statues" from your previous posts. They are really well done. So clever!

  3. I certainly had fun hanging out in your world. Your scenery is always beautiful. And, it's great you can find something positive (sunset) in the middle of a challenge (traffic). The pumpkin patch *sculpture* is amazing! Looks like a fun place to spend a warm Autumn afternoon. 💜

  4. Great scenery shot. As for the hockey recap videos, what a treasure those will be for Colin, later in life. And a good focus for your attention and energy while you're in the stands. I think creating stuff like this helps with our mental well-being, our storytelling abilities and our tech skills. Well done! As for the pumpkin patch cousin, thanks for the early Halloween treat.

  5. The gorilla pumpkin display is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Love the pumpkin sculpture. Someone had a lot of fun putting that one together.

  7. Hockey sure does bring you to some cool spots! There is something about night time photos with cars that I really like as well. Nice job for this month! :D


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