Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 27: Road Trip

For today's (Day 27) Ultimate Blog Challenge we're supposed to talk about where we would like to travel.

I feel like we've covered this already? Let me go back...

Day 9's prompt was Dream Destinations, and I talked about items on my travel bucket list: Wineglass Bay, Colchuck Lake and Benagil Cliff Cave.

What are we going to do today?

Here's my idea:

Let's take road trip. 

At each destination we'll visit a fellow UBC writer. How about that? 

If you identify your home turf, please tell us in the comments what we're going to see and do in your town.

That way my post is pretty much writing itself; well done, me!

So here's the itinerary:

All right, hit me (in alphabetical order):











If I missed your city, I apologize. I still want to learn about it, please let me know below!


  1. Welcome to the Sunshine State where we enjoy the bright sun
    on average 233 days per year. The other days the sun usually peaks through at some point as our afternoon rain showers pass quickly.
    I’m going to pass on driving down to Disney. Everyone knows about that experience. What I want to have you see is that which is unique to Florida. My husband and I call this a Sunrise/Sunset road trip where we start the day before dawn at New Smyrna Beach on the east coast (Atlantic Ocean).
    From there we take Highway 44 across through Deland an historic city that is home Stetson University, named after the man who created the famous Stetson hat. He built the Stetson Mansion that is a bed and breakfast today and has been fully restored. I had the privilege of helping an interior designer decorate a room for the Christmas Tour of Homes. “The Stetson Mansion - Deland, FL. The 1886 Stetson Mansion is Florida's most historic home, only Gilded Age mansion, and the largest, grandest, most innovative home ever built in Florida before 1900.”
    Next we will continue west to Homosassa Springs State Park. “ The Homosassa main spring is the largest in the Homosassa Springs Group, which is comprised of nearly thirty springs. Collectively, this group discharges around 65 million gallons of water daily, qualifying this group as a first-magnitude spring and one of the largest springs in Florida.”
    Next we’ll drive south on 19 to Tarpon Springs.
    “ Tarpon Springs is a city on central Florida’s Gulf Coast. Greek eateries line waterfront Dodecanese Boulevard, a legacy of the Greek sponge divers who settled here in the early 1900s. Along the water, the Historic Sponge Docks are a reminder of the once booming industry.”
    Find a place on the water to watch the sunset.
    This is such a fun way to spend a day seeing natural Florida at its best.
    You can find more details of this road trip on our blog, The Romantic Vineyard. Just search Sunrise Sunset Date.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your Sunrise/Sunset road trip, Debi! I love it :-)
      I have a FB friend who lives in DeLand, so I want to make sure to definitely stop there and check out the Stetson Mansion!

  2. Thank you for your interest in my hometown of Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Canada,Tamara. It was named after Maidstone, Kent, England. It had a population of 600 when I lived there from 8 yrs to when I graduated from high school. I think the population today is around 1150. Joni Mitchell lived there when she was a child. She wrote "A Song for Sharon"for her friend Sharon in Maidstone. Sharon is the daughter of our post master. Sharon's sister Linda walked me to school and took me to Sunday school when I first came to Canada. The Shiloh Church, a few miles north of Maidstone, was recognized as a historical site in 2019. In 1910 1000 black people moved from Oklahoma, U.S.A. and settled near the Maidstone area. I remembered there was a few families still there when I was a child. But they have all moved away now. The church still stands and was looked after by some of the descendants and towns people. I had not seen the place when I was living in Maidstone but attended the celebration in 2019.

    1. Thank you so much for these interesting facts, Lily! How cool that you actually knew Sharon‘s family!

  3. If you ever want to actually take that trip, you'd need a whole lot of time (but would have a whole lot of fun).

  4. OMG this would be an awesome road trip! I've actually met a few FB friends and it was like we had known each other forever when we actually met! When you visit Little River, SC About the only thing you will see in Little River is the waterfront where the fishing fleets dock. It's on old fishing town although it's growing. Little River is on the outskirts of North Myrtle Beach, which is next to Myrtle Beach. Both towns are very touristy and we are trying to keep Little River a bit quieter. We are about 5 minutes from the beach so bring your bathing suits for a dip in the ocean!

    1. Less touristy, less crowded? Count me in, sounds lovely!

  5. Replies
    1. Always so many cool things to see and do along the way!

  6. Once again I am grateful for the love, Tamara. As you know I did the A to Z on San Francisco which you can see the recap for here: https://scr4pl80.wordpress.com/2021/05/03/a-to-z-2021-reflection/

    However, if we travel in the other direction from my house and go south just a little bit you can see these interesting sites. I may have to do some preliminary investigation for you because although I've been to the Winchester Mystery House (https://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/) a couple of times it hasn't been for many years. Did you see the movie with Helen Mirren as Mrs. Winchester? And to tell the truth I've never been to Filoli Gardens but hear it is spectacular (https://filoli.org/). I may have to do another A to Z on the places outside of SF that are available. What do you think?

    1. I haven't seen this Mrs. Winchester movie. Sounds mysterious.
      The Filoli Garden looks lovely. They do Santa Weekends 🎅🏼
      The SF area certainly holds enough attractions to cover the alphabet a second time.
      Virus, go away so we can travel again soon!

  7. I'm in Savannah! So the first thing we are going to do when you get here is go to The Gryphon, a really cool restaurant that started its life as a tea room, and still serves really good tea, and quiches. Next, if it's not too cold, we'll head for the beach. And finally, maybe we'd tour the downtown area and look at the Victorian houses, or go and do a drive through of another neighborhood with older, but really lovely homes.

    1. Victorian houses, a nice beach and cool restaurant - I'm a happy girl! See you in Savanna, Jeanine!


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