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Welcome to April's Secret Subject Swap

Again five brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

I've just moved, and I need  design inspiration. 

What's your favorite interior design style?

It was submitted by: What TF Sarah - thank you, Sarah!

Let me start by taking my hat off to Sarah and her family. We've been blogger buddies for over eight years, and during that time span they have moved at least three or four times, probably more. 

Personally, I hate everything about moving, especially the packing and cleaning part. On the other hand, I like the idea of setting up a new house and exploring the neighborhood and the city.

In a perfect world, part of setting up would be to pick new furniture, decide on flooring, walls, appliances - just I have never lived in that world. In my life I have moved seven times:

  • From the one bedroom apartment my newlywed parents lived at into my Dad's childhood home
  • From my parents' house to my friend's furnished apartment.
  • Into my own flat with a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen, so I purchased a closet, a couch, a dining table and four chairs. The former tenant left me a fancy (and gigantic) lamp
  • From the state I grew up in and did all my schooling, to the state in which I had a good job
  • Two towns away into a shared apartment with my ex boyfriend
  • To San Diego, CA
  • Back to the village I was raised at. 

This was my future hubby's house, where I'm still at. Our (his) furniture is old and plain, I brought my stuff from the storage unit, and over the years we've added very few pieces, mainly baby, toddler and kids' items. 

When I moved in, my then boyfriend said "everything you don't like has to go, we'll buy new stuff!"

Well, he was young and in love, and I appreciated the gesture. However, considering the financial impact of a project like this, I felt like "I'd rather spend that money on traveling" and that's exactly what we did.

When Colin came along it made no sense to purchase that white leather coach, and now that he's a teenager he has transformed every large-ish space into a hockey training area. There are goals, sticks and pucks all over the house.

So if we ever remodel, it'll probably be once we're empty nesters.

Long story short, I have no experience in interor design, and I have no idea about different styles, and what they're called. 

This doesn't mean that I don't like to look at houses and pictures of houses!

I like many different kinds, depending on the kind of house and the location.

Like for a beach house I would like simple and airy materials, lots of glass and white, and for a ski lodge kind of building it may very well be rustic and homey. 

In any case, I like it practical. I want to be able to close cupboards. Open shelves are nice and fun as long as they're not cluttered and as long as somebody else takes care of the dusting. Also I'm team comfortable over stylish. What good is a fancy TV chair if your back hurts after sitting there for an hour?


I prefer a home that hosts nice, loving people over exquisite design. 

Do you have a favorite interior design style? What's your home like?

Before you leave, would you please do me a favor? 

I'm participating in the A - Z / UBC Challenge, and today's post is about green beans. Coffee beans, that is. If you're into coffee at all, check it out.


  1. I pretty much furnished my home from scratch when the buyer of my previous home wanted to buy the furniture too. It was fun. I don't have a specific style, just chose comfortable furnishings that made me smile.

  2. I love your idea of traveling instead of new stuff. You got a lifetime of wonderful experiences and memories. I have an extra large coffee table so that we can sit on the couches and the floor with guests, plenty of room for people and snacks!

  3. I'm visiting from A to Z and I just read your green bean post (very interesting!) and then jumped over here. Our home is considered a "cottage" so we have comfortable chairs and sofa. I'm not sure I have a "design" but I love for our house to be a home!

  4. I go in spurts with interior design. I'll have a burst of energy and paint or wallpaper something or refinish a piece of furniture and then take six months off where I do nothing. I do love it just life is too busy to sustain it too long. My girls are both back from college now too and our basement is overwhelmed with their college apartment stuff so like you I probably need to wait until I'm a true empty nester before I tackle anything too big. Weekends In Maine


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