For the month of June A'lil Hoohaa's assignment is to come up with five pictures that represent "Water".

Now that shouldn't be too hard. So many body of waters around me.

With the prospect of visiting a burger 🍔 restaurant (that looked 1000% better on the website than in reality), I dragged my good-natured son to the Rhine Falls yearly this month.

The Rhine Falls is the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe and with over one million visitors annually one of the most popular places to visit in Switzerland🇨🇭

The falls are just a single drop waterfall, however with a width of 150 meters (almost 500 feet) and a height of 23 meters (75 feet) cascading down at a rate of 600,000 litres (158,000 gallons) per second down to a lower level, its size is impressive. 

So the gastronomy scene in Neuhausen may be a Reinfall (Note there's no "h" in that word, Reinfall is German for fallen for the trap), and the tourist attraction was crowded on this gorgeous day, but I enjoyed our little outing.

I encountered this lovely swan 🦢 family at Bally Park, a nature reserve on a former industrial campus. You may know the Swiss Bally brand: 👡 shoes, belts and other 💼 leatherwear. 

Why do they call Water Lilies "Seerosen" (Lake Roses) in German? Are they lilies or roses?🌹 
Fact is I found them at another former industrial campus that still hosts lots of offices and my beloved multi-purpose facility Freiruum where I eat, work on my laptop and use the bathroom while Colin trains. 

Mind you, I used to work here back when they produced utility meter equipment in these factory buildings. Funny how time brings you back to your old turf. 

I was there just as the rain set in. It would probably have looked more spectacular if I had waited until the ⚡️ thunderstorm approached, but I had to go pick up my son.

Speaking of rain. Sometimes you don't get to choose when the ⛈ downpour starts or stops, and you have to run to your car, carrying your 💼 laptop case, a 🛍 shopping bag and a 👛 purse - but no ☔️ umbrella. Of course by the time I got to Colin's training facility, the percipitation became significantly lighter.

Built 1265, Hallwyl Castle is one of the most important moated castles in Switzerland. It is located on two islands in the River Aabach, just a 15 minutes' drive from where I live. It's very popular for field trips, weddings and open air concerts. 

I stopped there on my way to the site where my Dad celebrated his 80th birthday. I wanted to scout the area for a GeoCache hiding place. It was just an unpublished temporary mystery cache for Dad and his guests. They had to answer a couple of questions about his life, and they did great.

This was at the birthday venue, consider it your bonus picture!

These were my five six. I hope you enjoyed them. Please head over here and check out what the other blogging photographers came up with. 
Something tells me we will see a certain dock diving Golden Retriever  😎


  1. Lovely! I especially like the colouring on the water lillies photo.

  2. lovely water photos :) thanks for sharing <3

  3. Interesting on those waterfalls. I'm a fan of waterfalls in all shapes and forms. Those are more powerful than even ones in Iceland? And not sure what it is ... but I love the look of water/rain on windows. It's always a cool photo. Nice work this month!

  4. Very interested in the story about the temporary mystery geocache for your dad's birthday. Sounds like fun! And what a lovely setting, outdoors with lots of fresh air to keep COVID risk to a minimum. As a newbie bird photographer, the swan family portrait brought a smile to my face.


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