Belated White Christmas at the Ski Gondola Restaurant

Last night we did a thing I've been wanting to do:

We had dinner in a ski gondola!

I had heard about the winter project at the beach bar a while ago: they set up a handful of vintage ski gondolas as a "restaurant". 

All through November and December when I tried to make a reservation, they were fully booked. Finally, for January 11, I scored a reservation, only to learn that practice had been canceled, but fortunately we were able to move it to this week.

As luck had it, we were blessed with a bunch of snow this very afternoon and evening. It was just perfect! I mean, this is an urban area that sits at only 425 meters, that's 1,395 feet. Our so-called snow-sure places are located at 1,600 meters = 5,250 feet and higher.

So a fellow Hockey Mom and I met at the Sports Bar for a cocktail while the guys were training. After 8pm they were done, and we made our way to the lake. 

This is what this place looks by day on a regular late fall afternoon:

And here we were, taking a seat at the dinner table!

For the limited space they must have in their little kitchen, the food offering was surprisingly large. There was a vegan Fondue on the menu, however that was a hard no for us, it's real cheese or nothing!

The heat from the food and us people fogged up the window panes. Every so often, our server came to check on us.

We had a wonderful time. Driving back was a b*tch. The highway was covered with snow, but me made it home. 

Now back to my mental load. I just found out that Colin will have not two, but three away games in the Italian part of Switzerland next week. Have mercy with us working parents!!