Tell A Story - Day Trip to Iseltwald

Welcome back to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blogging challenge. 

Our prompt for the month of May was to "Tell A Story", and I thought this was going to be a non-brainer. 

However, all the stories that happened turned out not to be suitable for this kind of blog post: 

The ice hockey world championships: Switzerland played fantastic in the preliminary round, but we failed in the quarterfinals against our neighbor and archrival Germany. Plus all the pictures I took, were of our TV screen. 

Colin was part of a theater play at school. He and his buddy were responsible for the technology: light and sound. The performances were great. The actors had a lot of fun, and you could tell. Understandably however, it was not allowed to take pictures. 

Then Colin had minor surgery. I took a few pictures at the hospital, but he would probably kill me if I used them here.

The weather was not great during four out of five weeks. If it wasn't raining, it was overcast and gray. I literally didn't go anywhere except of work and grocery shopping.

Luckily I - and this blog challenge - were saved by the long Pentecost weekend that this year collided with Labor Day Weekend. 

Finally a few sunny and warm days! 

So here's my "story": I went out and about to the Bernese Highlands. I had read great things about a picturesque fishing village with 432 inhabitants called Iseltwald - the only village on the left shore of Lake Brienz. 

Can you spot the trees in the middle of the lake? It's a tiny island called Schnägge-Inseli = snail island. I guess it's because it looks like a snail shell?

It is privately owned and belongs to Seeburg Castle. There is a small chapel on the island and a barbecue area.The island is 115 meters (377 feet) long and 40 meters (131 feet) wide.

The tiny town is car-free for visitors. You have to leave your car at the public parking up the hill and walk down. Tour bus companies can only park in Iseltwald by making a reservation beforehand. Once you're there you'll know why: there is simply no space. You'll appreciate not having to share the narrow roads with cars. 

Almost all the buildings are wooden chalets. 

Not this hotel though. It's not located I the village center.

Iseltwald became famous among South Korean tourists after it was a filming location for the TV series "Crash Landing on you" in 2019. 

The main attraction is the Seeburg Castle. In the early 1900s a businessman built a villa in the southern style. It later became the property of an association, which converted the "Seeburg" into a convalescent home. Since 1987 it has been a congress, convention, conference, educational and spa center.

I thought you guys might appreciate my bonus picture. It's a vending machine that offers local agricultural specialties such as eggs, honey, alpine cheese and raw sausages. Only in Switzerland, eh?

I am very happy I came here. The village of Iseltwald is super well maintained and spotless. If you're expecting a lot going on entertainment-wise, you probably won't stay long. It's perfect if you're looking for peace and quiet. There are a couple of seaside restaurants and boat rentals. 

On paper it's an hour and 45 minutes' drive from my home, but in reality more like two hours plus. Not something you'll do every day, but if I can, I will try to come back in fall when the leaves are colorful. I'm sure it'll be charming. Or next spring when they're in full bloom! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading my story / traveling with me! Now head over and find out what my fellow bloggers have to tell you.


  1. I never tire of your stories and beautiful photos!

  2. Out and about in a car-free mountain village? Sounds wonderful to me. The 100+ year history of the castle is storied. And I learned something...maybe using "congress" interchangeably with conference or convention is a European thing, as I'd never heard that here in North America. Whenever anyone says congress here, the mind automatically goes to the United States Congress. Goes to show how much US news dominates media, I guess. So happy you included your bonus photo - that is a special vending machine. It reminds me of the vending machine in the middle of no where on the TV series "Shetland." I believe there is a similarly unique vending machine in Iceland, too. Looking forward to another armchair visit to Iseltwald, featuring fall colours or spring blossoms.

  3. Picturesque doesn't even begin to describe this place! Such gorgeous photos. I would love to see your photos if you get back there when the leaves change color! 💜

  4. So beautiful and what an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.


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