About me

The first thing you need to know about me is… that I don't like to talk about myself.

However I LOVE reading other people's "about me" sections, because I am curious who they are and what they are all about.

All-righty then…


As you can guess from my blog's name, I am a part-time working mom.

This is (still) kind of a big deal for me, even if it has been going on for nine years now. Make that ten. Wait, it's eleven now!

I used to be what you call a career woman who loved her job with the coffee company - the one I still frequent as a guest a lot - and her colleagues, whose life was busy, oftentimes overwhelming. But pretty much going according to plan.

Except I was also a woman who wanted to become a mom - but couldn't. For a long time. Until I could.

Then I was a mom. A mom to a baby boy whom she felt she had no clue how to "handle". Who was trying to resort to her familiar tools and techniques from the business world. 

Organize your day, you know. Make a plan and stick to it. Meet other mommies. Baby Colin didn't get that memo. He was hungry all the time. He pooped just when we were about to leave the house to go some place on a specific time. He didn't nap when he should. 

H*** he didn't nap at all. And guess what, neither did I. 

If I hadn't been too tired I might have found blogging back then, and you could be reading all about it. Instead I started to work for the airline. Busy job. Long commutes with C on the backseat. Gas station convenience food for dinner.

Then hubby's business partner died unexpectedly. They had founded their IT company when they were really young,  My husband, who liked to be the un-bossy part of the duo, had to take over from one day to the next. That's when I joined.

Now we both work at the same village we live at, we can walk or bike to the office, we all get more sleep, we gave up frozen pizza, and I took up cooking, baking and crafting, especially for my favorite holidays like St. Patrick's DayHalloween and other activities - think kid's birthday and Elf on the Shelf!

From time to time I even get some cleaning up and organizing done.

Up until a while I used to be on the board of a charity organization. 

As of this year, I am a mom to a first grader fifth grader who can dress himself, eat by himself, walk to school and read books. Three times a week he attends hockey practice. So during 11/12 months I am not only part-time working mom, but also hockey mom. Yes, they train in summer as well.

You can find more random facts about me - like what I have in common with Albert Einstein, why I sometimes think living in Switzerland is hard - even though it IS a beautiful, peaceful country - or what I do on all the other days of the week.

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  1. Dear Tamara,
    I really like your way of writing and give that I am a part time hockey mom as well I fins many similarities and I can really understand even the slightest detail.... Thanks for letting me be one of your readers/followers.


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