#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 41 - 50

Welcome back to #100HAPPYDAYS! 

Ten days ago we left off sewing hockey leg warmers to boxers. Let's see what we have been up to this time:

The other day we watched one of those "Tasty" videos where in a matter of seconds they produce a delicious meal. On Day 41 Colin wanted to make those cream cheese / bacon tortillas roll-ups and replaced jalapeños by cherry tomatoes.  He did a great job! 

As for me I splurged on some deliciously smelling body lotion. Later that day hubby's cousin was celebrating his 50th birthday. Colin and the only other kid among the guests were asked to come on stage and sing happy birthday. They were so cute!

Sunday afternoon on Day 42 I spent with my best friend Doris but didn't even remember to take a picture. Instead I put together a collage of previous get-togethers. Looks like we've been having some happy moments before!

Day 43: Back to school! First day of 4th grade, can you believe it? He was not looking forward to starting his day with arts and crafts but was pretty happy to see his friends again: #backtoschool for Colin.
#lineups for this season's first #hockey #tournament were announced. Colin was not on the list, and I was #bummed. He took it like a #pro. Very #proud of my son 

Day 44: My wonderful Godfather stepped into my office for a #surprise #visit. Actually he did not come in as he didn't want to disturb the working folks. The current #picture is in the right lower corner, the other ones - as you may tell by #hair and #fashion - go back as far as to the #seventies✌️When I was a little girl I always thought we'd end up getting married 

Day 45: After wrapping his books with donut themed paper C decided it was appropriate to stop for a #mrhappy #donut  after #hockeypractice. Well, I had a #chickensalad.
I haven't been able to fit into the #yellowstone#tshirt I am wearing for a long time. Happy and proud to manage again! #letskeepitthatway — at Dunkin' Donuts Shoppi Tivoli.

Day 46: Big day! The shooting of the hockey video, for which C got off shool early yet again, thanks to his wonderful teacher. I was looking forward to this extra quality time, and everything went well until after lunch I suggested we went to Starbucks for his homework (and my blog post about Alaska that was due later that day.) As a token of our appreciation I told his teacher Colin was going to write an essay about his passion for hockey, and I honestly didn't think he'd have a problem with this. After all isn't he the one who wants to write stories? Well, guess again. It took some insistent convincing, and eyes were being rolled at me... in the end he somehow filled a page.

Ever since Kindergarten Colin has been carrying emergency cards in all of his backpacks, school and gym bags, etc. It contains all the phone numbers he may need: home, office, mobile, grandparents, daycare, teacher, you name it. He used it once when I wasn't home yet from a trip to the mall. 
The last version still has his first grade teacher's number on it, and it was overdue to update and laminate those cards. I finally did so on Day 47 It felt great to get it done. However I haven't managed to replace them yet...

Day 48 I had some time to myself. This alone makes for a happy day! Originally I had planned to drive 45 minutes per way to attend the duck race. I had seen the giant duck announcing this event when my car was being maintained in that town. Well, I ended up running errands locally and binge watching Suits.

Day 49 #Staufberglauf, the race around our local hill, always a nice opportunity to get out there early on #sundaymorning 😴
The kids did a great job #running till the end 

Day 50 can you believe it's #halftime?
Between #hockey #practice and #parents#orientation the young man had to do his #homework and have #dinner until his #grandma picked him up — at Bossard Arena.

These were my 41 - 50 out of #100HAPPYDAYS! Stay tuned for more! 

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