#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 61 - 70

Welcome back to #100HAPPYDAYS! 

Ten days ago we left off sewing hockey leg warmers to boxers. Let's see what I have been up to this time:

Day 61 My #rollerblades arrived! Too rainy to try them out, though. Going out for #pizza with those lovely guys after work! Since I have reached my goal weight I have a more generous calories budget and get to enjoy pizza again! 

Day 62 Colin's first ice hockey tournament! In honor of our franchise's 50th anniversary there were activities going on all weekend, one of them being the teams of every level playing. It was a great incentive for us parents to watch our youngsters go at it just like the pros do!

Day 63: While Colin was enjoying a #sleepover and a #dayoutonthetown with his friends I took my new #rollerskates out for a spin. It's like riding a bike, even if it's been years you get right back into it!

Remembering the #route66 festival was still on, I used my other red vehicle to get there. So many gorgeous #classiccars, but way too many people!

Day 64: Caught a glimpse of the #artsy #bulls through the gaps of the poles
#stieremärt #stierparade #zug They were part of a year-long promotion to support above mentioned hockey franchise anniversary that has a bull as their mascot. companies and families purchased a blank bull, decorated and displayed it and brought it to the hockey arena for the final showdown.

Day 65: During #lunchhour of today's #recruitingday #hr #event at #technopark I explored this cool place #markethall at #viaduct, reminded me of #quincymarketboston

Day 66: Had I known I was gonna find a parking space today, I wouldn't have to sneak into the locked up bull corral earlier this week!
Love how creatively those guys were decorated!
#zug #stierenmarkt

Day 67 Worked out hard at the #gym 
Got lots of #errands done
Figured I deserved some #sweetpotatoepancakes

Day 68: Long overdue meeting with my special friend. We were supposed to meet in #zug during Colin's practice, but hubby offered to take over today's hockey duty so she took a different train to have #dinner with me in #aarau. Of course as former #starbuckspartners we went for some #pumpkinspicelatte / #chai #teavana 
Thanks for making it happen, Sophia! at Spaghetti Factory Salmen

Day 69: Rainy Saturday, Colin finished his birthday party invitations and hand-delivered them to his friends by bicycle. Went to the library, too where we saw a girl in her wheelchair. Made me so grateful that our boy can walk, ride his bike, play hockey,...

Day 70: another piccolo tournament, we had to meet at a town an hour's drive away at 7am, ugh! Friends of ours showed up to support our young players. They won twice, played tied once and lost two games, all in all a decent result.

Just as we wanted to leave we ran into some car trouble. Hubby's key seemed dead, and it wasn't the battery as we suspected. The mechanics who came to our rescue basically rebooted the car and found out that the key couldn't be detected by the system anymore. So a car these days is nothing but a computer, and an error-prone one at that. Well, he ended up being able to start the engine with a trick and reminded me of "control-alt-delete", I'm not kidding you! Press the unlock button on your key, press the brake with your foot, press your key onto to the start button and GO!!!

An hour and 48 incident-free miles later we were celebrating hubby's goddaughter's 11th birthday, 11 years old, can you believe it?

These were my  61 - 70 out of #100HAPPYDAYS! Stay tuned for more! 

What have you been up to these days? Let me know down below, I wanna hear!
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