#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 71 - 80

Welcome back to #100HAPPYDAYS! 

Ten days ago we left off playing hockey tournaments and overcoming car trouble. Let's see what has been going on lately:

Day 71: Just another busy Monday. Fall is definitely here, and that makes me happy. I was wearing my UGG boots for the first time outside the ice rink. Today "Blog with Friends" went live. The subject is "Apples" so I thought I'd light an apple scented candle and apply some Apple Harvest body lotion to get ready to read my friends' contributions.


Day 72: On my way to pick up Colin from my parents' I spotted this awesome rainbow. Met with two of my best high school girlfriends for drinks at the local pub / sports bar. Back when we agreed on the date we had no idea it was going to be champions league night. We were occupying a table that soccer fans would have killed for. Yeah, well. It was great to see my friends and to catch up.

Day 73: Lovely colorful #sunrise today.
Forgot to bring my #notebook during #hockeypractice so instead enjoyed sitting by the #lake looking at my #cuteshoes and working on an upcoming #blogpost called #lifeswap (on paper, in case you're wondering)

Day 74: #hiitworkout was killing me. Went for my #hairappointment and had #warmgloves in the #mailbox for next time we'll spend hours and hours at an #icerink. 
Purchased the #traintickets for Saturday

Day 75: Friday night is usually practice for Colin. Not this week though, so we took this opportunity to meet at a traditional "Fall Restaurant" for the first venison dinner of the season and to pre-celebrate Colin's birthday.

Day 76: #childrensbirthday #party @zurichairport 
Thanks to our knowledgeable guide we learned and experienced a lot. Colin had a blast with his friends and even got to #pushback a #plane, see video below— at Zürich Airport.

Day 77, official birthday. My baby turned 9 years old!!
No hockey game, no appointments other than coffee and cake with his grandparents. Bliss! Sleeping in (does 7am count?), opening gifts, playing, hanging out in our PJs. Finally dinner at the restaurant of his choice. 

Day 78A: Baking for his classmates. OK, so technically the baking happened on Sunday, but school was on Monday, and that's when his friends and teachers got to enjoy those Minions Muffins. 

Day 78B: Finding out this young #player is not in one but two #lineups this upcoming #weekend #hockeymom — in Zug, Switzerland.

Day 79: #officedays are hard where this #challenge is concerned. I do like my #jobthere's just nothing sticking out, so let me share my #dinner:
#salmon #sashimi #edamame

Day 80: Huge #disagreement with Colin about (not) doing his #homework nor #cleaningup 
Fully intended to go #bingeshopping while he was practicing. Didn't find what I was looking for. 
Picked him and his friend up and met an elderly gentleman in the parking lot who said 'wow, what a #challenging #job you've got! I am sure those boys eat a lot and produce tons of #laundry which keeps you busy, not to mention the driving!'
So he thought both boys were mine, big deal, I still loved the #thoughtfulness, and it made my otherwise annoyed mood all better!

These were my  71 - 80 out of #100HAPPYDAYS! Stay tuned for more! 

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