March Secret Subject Swap - Go Green

Welcome to March'Secret Subject Swap. Again 8 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

Describe for us the perfect feast. 
All the foods must be green or primarily green, and not simply foods that have been dyed green.

It was submitted by: The Bergham Chronicles

Previously on The Miller family:

They moved from NYC to Switzerland earlier this year and seem to get the hang of it. 

David is busy restructuring his department at the reinsurance company, and Max is adapting to the European style of playing hockey
We still don't know if Caroline ever called her college boyfriend Jeremy, and when we last left off, Victoria's friend's older sister Marietta seemed to be in trouble. 

Good thing they last lived in New York, so they are not too affected by the Swiss winter. It's currently 16°F = minus 9°C with a mean cold wind blowing.

Caroline has been assigned to the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC, where she works with people who try and reintegrate former child soldiers into "normal life" in Africa. 

This job definitely makes her appreciate the privilege of living in a country where you don't have a worry in the world. 

Although... she has been asked to take care of the annual get together with coworkers, vendors and affiliated organizations. A casual cocktail party for a couple hundred people, nothing too fancy, let's have some fun, her supervisor said.

That's where I came in. My first official paid party planning project, yay! 
And no, I'm not nervous at all. After all I know my way around Geneva. 


Coincidence has it that the event is taking place on March 17, so after a brief conversation with the people who pay for this event, I get the green light to literally go green, meaning make it a St. Patrick's Day party, and I book "Halle 22", a former factory in Vernier, close to Geneva airport, that has been transformed into a multi-purpose event facility.

The illumination artists I hired did a fantastic job. Instead of putting up tons of decoration they are creating it alternating rainbow light and shamrock shaped green floodlight.

The guests seem to have a good time. They are mostly wearing something green, some even managed to get their hands on a leprechaun hat. They are mingling, sipping apple mojitos and munching on veggie and fruit skewers, guacamole dip, green pepper shamrock pizza and pesto tortellini. 

It had to be finger food because there is not enough space to sit down. But that's OK, I want people to rotate. They are supposed to find 17 clues that stand for Sustainable Development Goals:

Among the guests are UN Secretary General António Guterres, President of the Swiss Confederation Alain Berset and Geneva's Mayor Guillaume Barazzone

I also saw Roger Federer make an appearance, which is crucial because he and his foundation stand for goal #4, quality education.

I wasn't in charge of the invitations. The PR agency with the help of the marketing and supply chain departments put it together. They certainly did a fabulous job in terms of quantity. Geez, a couple hundred? There must be close to a thousand people in here! 

"Excuse me, I believe I saw you talking to Caroline earlier, do you know where I can find her?" 

He's tall, dark and handsome, in his mid-40s, wearing a green T-Shirt saying kiss me, I'm Irish. 

"My name is Jeremy, it's nice to meet you, you put together a fantastic event here" he goes.

Ohmygoodness, Jeremy!?? Does Caroline know he's here?

I told him I was just on my way to the bathroom but would make sure to send her to the bar that was arranged around a gigantic pot of gold if I saw her. As soon as I closed the door to the ladies room I pulled out my phone and called her.

"Guess who I bumped into."

And because you've been such loyal readers I'm not going to leave you hanging again. 

I kind of spied on them as they hesitantly hugged and started to make small talk. It was loud, and I couldn't really eavesdrop. They seemed to get rid of their nervousness, though. When I came back half an hour later they looked relaxed and were engaging in a deep conversation. 

"I am so sorry to butt in, you guys. Caroline, you're expected on stage for your speech!"

Was it just my imagination, or were they holding hands?