Elf on the Shelf, Season 2018, Episode 5

Welcome back to the last installment of Elf on the Shelf, Season 2018. 

Last week Cookie made us find out why firetrucks are red, asked for Colin's autograph and told us about New York Taxi Cabs.

This week our Elf Cookie created her own cereal 😎
Today’s question is ‘these iconic cereals belong to a brand that was founded in Battle Creek. What state is this town in?’

Cookie not only has a sweet tooth, she also likes her pasta. Today she’s asking us to name five pasta 
🍝 varieties that are not spaghetti! ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡¹ Come on, you can do it! ðŸ·

Cookie brought us some money ðŸ’° to spend for last minute’s gifts ðŸŽ 

Fun facts about a famous Christmas tree🎄 - can you guess which one?
This Norway Spruce comes in at a height of 85 feet and weighs 13 tons!
It grew for 90 years to have the honor of being the centerpiece of NYC’s beginning to the holiday season. 
The tree branches are lit with approx. 50,000 LED lights which need nearly 7 miles of electrical wire! That’s enough wire to span once around the circumference of central park!

Regular elves are done at Christmas 🎄 Eve. Not ours, though. Cookie is excited to stay all through Spengler Cup ðŸ’ a prestigious six days hockey tournament in the Swiss 🇨🇭 mountains ðŸ” Today she provided the schedule.

Do you speak Canadian, eh? 🇨🇦 Explain the following expressions: loony, two-four, tuque, double-double, pop, keener, timbit

In 1971 Starbucks was founded in Seattle. Today there are more than 28,000 coffeehouses ☕️ worldwide - where is the closest one to you? 

This city has the second largest Chinatown ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡³ outside of Asia. It also has the largest and oldest Japantown ðŸ‡¯ðŸ‡µ in the USA. What city is it?

Each letter originally stood 50 feet (15m) tall and 30 feet (9m) wide, but renovations resized them. What famous nine letter sign are we talking about?
Hint for Colin: you were there in 2016.

This concludes Cookie's and our adventures in 2018. She left on New Year's Eve not without writing a note to Colin thanking him for the fabulous time. We'll see whether she'll be back next year.