2019 A-Z Blogging Challenge - Theme Reveal

Welcome to the 2019 A-Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal post!

We'll be posting all through the month of April. There is going to be a blog post for each and every of the 26 letters of the alphabet - yes, even the hard ones - which makes this a daily job, except Sundays.

It's going to be my fifth time around. 

In 2015 I was talking about aspects of the life of a (part-time) working Mom, there wasn't even much hockey in the picture yet. There were, however, balancing acts, commutes, caffeine, guilty feelings and overwhelm, just to name a few.

In 2016 I was invited to a wedding at the West coast, and it came at pretty short-notice, so for a moment I worried about the challenge. The next second I decided this was genius, my theme was going to be on the go, and voilĂ , A is for Arrival in Los Angeles, P is for Pike Place Market and Z is for I got back to Zurich.

In 2017 I had ambitious goals of losing 30 pounds and getting into shape, and I did! From Avocado Brownies till Zumba, I just about covered everything.

The following year, 2018, I took you on a journey, kind of a trip around the world, even. 26 cities or national parks I have visited and loved! I used S for Sydney, so I had to squeeze in San Francisco at O is for Oakland ;-)

What is it going to be this time around?

I'm a bit nervous because it's a out of my range of natural expertise:

I'm going to be talking about all things justice system! 

As I am not a lawyer I'll try to keep it as informative yet easy to understand and entertaining as possible. We'll talk about law enforcement, court, prosecution and defense. You'll get to weigh in on the pros and cons of the death penalty and try to figure out if polygraph tests actually work!

In the meantime stay tuned - and more importantly stay out of trouble!

See you on April 1st!

PS: Let's connect:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


  1. I spotted your Theme Reveal link on Lee's blog and decided to visit. Whoa, this does sound like a challenging theme especially if you don't have a law degree! This could be interesting subject to read on in April and so I will be sure to make sure I'm subscribed to your posts via email. When you get a chance, please drop by to check out my Theme Reveal!


  2. Good luck. I went and signed up again, too. Of course, I don't do a theme.

  3. I can't resist this particular theme - I have subscribed. I don't work in a legal field but I work with two women who also happen to be paralegals. Maybe, in another life, I might have been one, too.

  4. Wow! That's an awesome theme. And you think you're very brave to tackle it, especially form the outside. But then, maybe that's the only way to make sense of it ;-)

  5. Oh my goodness, the justice system! Such an important subject; thank you for choosing it. This is will be following throughout the month. All the best and see you in April.

  6. that's an odd theme but it's definitely a new one. honestly, I'm sure I have been breaking a few laws just walking but I just don't know it.

    good luck with the challenge.

    have a lovely day.

  7. Oh wow, that is a great theme. One day I will join in on the A to Z challenge!

  8. WHOA! That sounds ambitious. Would love to read what you have to write about the justice system in your part of the world. Wish you the best with A2Z challenge this year

  9. Woah - I love this theme, you obviously love a challenge. I can't wait to follow along. My A -Z theme will be like a previous one you have done. I did chuckle at O is San Fran, I will be doing the same luckily I have already worked out W is for Wandering anywhere!!
    Wren x

  10. Very different this year (like me). I look forward to following along again :)

  11. Interesting theme! I'll definitely try and drop by during the month. Good luck with the challenge!

  12. This is an interesting theme. Looking forward to your April posts #AprilAtoZ

  13. Wow. Intense topic! How did you pick it Tamara?

    I'm posting about places I've been and thinking right about now how great a visit to Zurich would fit in. *sigh* I'll have to look at your tips for visiting California; hoping to start planning a trip there this week. :)


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