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Welcome to March's Secret Subject Swap. Again 9 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subjects is

March winds...
You are on a walk, and the wind swirls a pile of leaves.
As they fall, you see...

It was submitted by: Cognitive Script  - thank you, Dawn!

As they fall I can see that they are actually maple leaves. Some of them are blue. Wow, I have seen maple leaves in many varieties of yellow, orange, red and brown, you know, Indian Summer? 

But never blue ones!

Have you?

I grab a couple and swirl them some more. Wait a minute, are they numbered? There is a 2 and a 19. I can see numbers 42 and 44. 

What the..?

"Hey Colin, come here for a second!" 

I show him the special leaves I found.

He gives me his best eye roll. "Duh, Mooooom, it's obvious. They're Toronto Maple Leafs players' jersey numbers!"

Oh, right! Good call. 

Shouldn't there be more, though?

 #34 Auston Matthews (he used to play in Zurich, Switzerland, that's how we got to know and love him)

And how about 
#91, John Tavares? He played in Bern, Switzerland, during the 2012 NHL lockout. His buddy Mark Streit invited him, and Mark is an old buddy of Colin's who used to play for the Montreal Canadians, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins the season they won the Stanley Cup.

2012, Colin was not even 4 years old

Back to my blue leaves. We visited their arena last fall, and Colin cheered with the guys!

We can't find any more numbered ones and decide to google the ones we do have. Here's what we find out:

2 is Ron Hainsey19 is Nic Petan, 42 is Trevor Moore and 44 is Morgan Rielly

To be honest I don't  know any of them. What do they have in common? Before I can do any more research, Colin asks "did you know the Maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup Championship 13 times?

Can't say that I did, but I know it's been a while since the last time, season 1966/67:

So far their chances for  the 2018/19 season are intact, we will see! 

In Switzerland the playoffs are about to start this weekend. We're excited!

"Mommy, I found a book! It looks like lots of fun!"


Things we do while waiting at the check-out:

  • Purple: noticing we forgot to get milk
  • Yellow: and the tomatoes
  • Light blue: trash bags as well!
  • Light green: Paying for the chocolate ice cream

There's more where this came from. More next week!!!

PS: Have you ever wondered why the Maple Leafs weren’t called the “Maple Leaves”?

Maple Leafs as it refers to an organization is considered a proper noun and not bound by normal rules of grammar and spelling. Proper nouns identify and specify the subject whether it is a person's name or the name of an organization.
And last but not least: what the four players Hainsey, Petan, Moore and Rielly have in common is the fact that they were all born in March. 

Addendum: I have absolutely nothing against the Maple Leafs. I think they're a great team. A dear Toronto friend of mine is a serious fan, and we get along fine. I just love the memes that creative (and probably bored) internet users created. 

Actually I believe it's time a Canadian team gets the trophy. It's been too long. 

1993 to be exact. The Montreal Canadians made it.

Paul Di Pietro was with the Habs back then. 

1999 he joined EVZ, "our" team. He got his Swiss citizenship, and in 2006 he scored the only two goals of Switzerland's Olympic Win over Canada!! 

Have I mentioned the Swiss guys were coached by Ralph Krueger (Canadian)? He and Sean Simpson were my favorite National Coaches!

EVZ Skateathon 2010

2014 Paul retired as a player. Today he is on the coaching staff with Colin's team in Switzerland. Plus he's married to Cyndy, Colin's skating instructor. The two of them had a cute little baby girl last August. 

She's an Oilers fan! 

The End.



  1. I love this post about my favourite hockey team, Tamara! ☺ (Do you have other friends in the Toronto area, or am I said "serious fan"?) It's wonderfully creative and the photos are excellent. Kudos! Your hockey connections are also impressive. My father was from Montreal, played hockey for McGill University and got drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the late 1940s. He chose the army instead, but his love of the game was passed on to me. I remember many Saturday nights as a young child (late 50s-early 60s) watching the games with him. When the Leafs played the Habs, we were on opposite sides and there was a lot of good-natured teasing going on. I can take it, don't worry. ☺ Yes, of course we all know it's been over 50 years since the Leafs won the cup, but the fact remains, they are still the second-most winning team in the NHL. And, even though they didn't win, they had some great teams in the 1970s, led by my hero, Darryl Sittler, and the 1990s, led by my other top fave, Wendal Clark, and also Doug Gilmour. Now, of course, we have Tavares (who, by the way, grew up right here in my suburb), Matthews, Marner, Andersen et al. Not to mention Mike Babcock, one of the best coaches in the league. The chances of success look pretty good from here; if not this year, then soon. Good luck to your team in the playoffs.

  2. I had a pretty good idea, when I saw that leaf, what this post would be about. I'm not as much of a hockey fan as I used to be but my team, of course, is the Bruins.

  3. My cousin married a Canadian and he is a big hockey fan. I wondered about the 'leaf' and now I know. Great job with the prompt.

  4. I love the way you blog. I love your pictures which always tell a story. I'm not a hockey fan but you kept my interest!!!

  5. Leafs may be a proper noun but I still think it sounds funny. I guess if you are used to hearing it a lot (ie in an ice hockey country) it isn't as weird.

  6. I know zero, nothing,zip all about hockey but I do like your blog

  7. I didn't grow up knowing much about hockey living in Kentucky and I still don't know much, but I would love to go to a game one day because it seems way more exciting than baseball which my husband loves!


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