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Welcome to January's Secret Subject Swap

Again 7 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

Do you have any goals for this year? What are they? What are your plans on making the goals reality?

It was submitted by: Spatulas on Parade - thank you, Dawn!

There we go again, a new year, and I'm supposed to have new goals. 

Can't I just accomplish the goals I set in 2019, which I should have done in 2018 (and there were more) because I made a promise in 2017 to get done what I planned in 2016?

I may be a strange person because I suck at setting goals. It's not that I can't get sh** done, in fact I do quite well with chewable tasks. Because I am pretty perfectionist, and I know that life always happens in the meantime, I don't like to commit to something, unless I am sure I can keep the deadline in a quality I am happy with. 

Maybe what's hard for me is to formulate the measurable part. 

I want to waste less food. So I guess it's inevitable to have plan and stick to it. I'm getting hives even thinking about it. Do people sit down on Sundays to write a weekly grocery and meal plan? How do they know what they will feel like eating on Thursday? What if the husband has a business dinner he didn't tell me about, and C and I want to go to Burger King? 

What bugs me about the goal setting process in a business environment is that every year the expectations are higher, but the resources are being cut. So you're supposed to make more revenue with less people and a smaller budget. As if you had not squeezed that lemon hard and used up your creative trick the previous year!

2020 will be a year of changes as Colin starts high school in August. His schedule will be busier, and I don't know how hockey will fit in, so I can't plan (and worry) as long as I don't have the necessary info. 

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So I won't turn this post into a productivity and planning session, instead I'll keep it sweet and short and leave you with some memes and quotes that speak to me, and I hope they make you smile as well.

I found this on a Facebook Page called Peace, Love and Smiles, and it couldn't be truer to me:

How about you? Do you thrive on setting and achieving goals? Let me know down below. Then make sure to head over to my fellow bloggers' posts.

I posted another episode of 20 Days of Chill today, it's called Fri-yay, and there are cocktails, why don't you join me?

Plus on Monday I'll publish a post on how to make a vision board - so I'm not completely goal-less this year ;-)


  1. First -- this sounds like a pretty cool monthly idea for blogging. Kind of cool that you get a random topic or theme and have to write about it. How long do you get to figure it out? Neat stuff. I'll have to check the other people's posts.

    Second ... I'm the same. I set goals. Or say I will. And I don't always stay on task. I often might get to the end result, but not because I'm looking at it saying ... I need to accomplish this or that. I also am the same way with planners. I want to use them and I just ... don't stick with it. The Day Zero Project has helped me a little with long-range things, but even then ... not always. I tend to now, each year, just say... try and make this one better than last year, especially when it comes to being a good person and trying to be in better health.

  2. Setting goals can be a good tool in identifying where you want to go, but they can also result in feelings of inadequacy when not met, so I pretty much do the whole "focus on the walk" thing. But honestly, after reading this post, what I'm really stuck on is that Colin is about to start high school. How did that happen so fast?

  3. I was never a 'goal setter' but I've learned that goals and resolutions are totally different. For me resolutions set me up for failure or letting myself down. Goals are things that are realistic that I want to accomplish, those small task end up completing my larger goals. Example one of my goals is to continue my weight loss, I'm not saying I will lose x number of pounds this year but that I will continue to work at it. That way there is no added pressure, anxiety or let down if I miss the number set.
    Wait?? High school?? Isn't Colin like 10 or 11?? High School in the US is grades 9-12. Teenagers. Oh please tell me I didn't miss out on those years? He can't be that old? Can he?
    Spatulas On Parade

  4. I guess I'm more goal oriented than I care to admit, but they're usually smaller ones. Getting the choring done and having it set by a schedule. meal planning to make life easier. sticking to the budget. I wish I could say I was a little more spontaneous, but life just isn't like that for me anymore. haha. I'm ancient and not at the same time.

    but I do find that meal planning really does help eliminate food waste especially since I make things that can be frozen if I have leftovers and adapted for different recipes in the next week or two! it's not that hard to get used to and if you feel like getting burger king one night then the leftovers just make it to the freezer instead of being tossed out. :)


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