20 Days of Chill 2020 - Fri-Yay

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill. Today's prompt is 


Do you remember when you were in your early twenties? 

Friday was the best work day of the week. 

If you were lucky, your place of employment allowed for casual Friday wear. 

As soon as lunch hour was over, your coworkers would start asking around who was in for happy hour. After this you probably had plans with your friends or your love interest. Clubs, movies, parties, concerts.

It didn't matter how late you got home. You had no duties on Saturday morning. Nobody cared if you got up at 11am or 1pm. 

Fast forward a few years. Make that many years. The year you have a baby.

No more happy hours. No more dinners and parties into the wee hours. And certainly no more sleeping late the next day. Or any day for that matter.

The good news when you're in this situation is 
  • You are too tired to go out anyway
  • You have nothing to wear because you don't fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, and you doubt that yoga pants and ratty sweaters are appropriate
  • You are too busy to think about what fun nights you might be missing out on
  • If you're nursing you can't drink, and aren't the cocktails part of the fun?
  • Your friends are in the same situation
  • If you managed to find a trustworthy babysitter, you'd probably go to the spa. Alone.

The bad news when you're in this situation is
  • At some point you do have a minute to think about the  fun nights you are missing
  • If you have a job, you have to attend certain functions if you like it or not
  • Not all of your friends have babies. Some are single and post on social media every weekend. Darn, they look so careless! 
  • The people who were texting you for a while to invite you, stopped because you always declined
  • You wouldn't even know where to go anymore these days
  • Once your little one starts sleeping through the night, and you actually make plans, your babysitter is flaking out on you

Boom, a decade later, your baby is 11 years old. You can take them with out, they know how to behave in a restaurant. They contribute to a conversation. They manage to stay up until a decent hour. Actually they manage to stay up later than yourself!

Give them a few more years, and they will know where to go these days! If you're lucky you get to take them there because they can't drive yet...

On a regular Friday Colin has hockey practice, and if there's a home game of our team, he'll beg to stay. If they have an away game we try to make it home before the TV broadcast starts.

Living the Hockey Mom life right!

What do you do on Friday nights?

Let me know in the comments below. Hope you come back for 13 more days of chill! We resume posting on Monday.

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  1. It's not just the kids that will slow you down! I think it's aging as a whole! :D

  2. Interesting how life changes over time! We don't have kids, but find at our age (over 60) that staying home is often the preferable to going out. (Not to mention, a lot cheaper. Restaurant and drink prices are astronomical here!) For me, it's just too much trouble to deal with hair and makeup, etc. It would have to be a special event (like a rock concert!) to make it worth the trouble.

    It looks like you and Colin enjoy your time together. So nice to have such a wonderful mother/child relationship. ♥

  3. enjoy your time together… won't be long when Colin leaves home… just like our HRH the son, who's now married and living in another country.... our Friday nights are usually very quiet, just chilling at home :)

  4. You know you wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

    We spend our Friday’s on the couch...because being home is where we want to be.

  5. Unless I'm heading out of town the exact same thing I did Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.


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