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Welcome to June's Secret Subject Swap

Again 6 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

 What do you do to cheer yourself up 

when you're having a bad day?

It was submitted by: Baking In A Tornado - thank you, Karen!

For a person who's mostly happy and content, this is an interesting question to reflect on 
Should I wait to write about it until things go wrong? What if they don't, though? 

My husband is a huge believer in Murphy's law: what can go wrong, will go wrong.

I don't agree, and I don't like this attitude. To me this has nothing to do with prepare for the worst, hope for the best. 

To me this is asking for trouble. You know, like the law of attraction: all thoughts turn into things eventually. If your thoughts are full of worries, don't be surprised if things actually go south. You asked for it! (Of course you'll say: see, I was right to worry, it actually happened!)

If you visualize your hopes and dreams coming true, on the other hand, you'll do things leading up to it, and they will manifest. I wrote about this in my Blog with Friends in January: Vision Board.

Of course, even the happiest, generally positive people have bad days. 

Actually it may start with a bad night, you can't sleep, toss and turn, stress about it because you need to get up early for your important appointment at work. The moment you finally fall back asleep, your alarm goes off, and instead of hitting snooze, you switch it off and as a result oversleep. 

You skip breakfast and settle on just coffee, which you'll spill on your hurriedly thrown together outfit. You miss the bus or hit bad traffic on the freeway and arrive late to your meeting. Your notes (if you even had any) were left back home, so you have to wing it. 

You forget to mute your phone, and not only does it go off, your kid has changed the ring tone to something slightly inappropriate in a business environment. You need to answer it because it's your kid's school, and they say there was an incident, and can you please come and pick up your youngster? Why do they always call the Moms, you wonder? Aren't there both parents on the emergency contact list?

On your way to school you worry and absentmindedly run a red light - resulting in a (hopefully) minor traffic accident. Not only is it your fault, and you'll need to pay for both cars' repair costs, it takes forever to fill in the necessary papers. Rummaging for them in the glove compartment causes you to break a nail. 

Did I mention it's pouring?

As you're finally ready to get back into your car - you're soaking wet by now - your phone falls to the pavement. In a puddle. It's scratched, but it still works. Right? It will in a minute though, right? 

Finally you're home. Your kid is grumpy because he got suspended and will miss a sports event he had been training for. You're grumpy because you not only wrecked your car, your shoes and clothes, but also your phone. Even days later after spending a fortune on a new phone you'll notice that you haven't backed up your photos and stuff for a while, so that's gone. The good news is you currently can't receive angry messages from your client, supervisor, and who knows who else.

What will you do?

Sound like it's time for a pity party!

After a warm shower (if you're honest, you are feeling better already), you put on your cozy hoodie, sweatpants and fluffy socks, you brew yourself some serious coffee, warm up  cake, hit it with ice cream, cuddle with your kid on the couch (don't forget your blankie) and watch some silly shows.

Photo by Logan Liu on Unsplash

Now you can't always go home and crawl under your blanket, sometimes you have to stay put and toughen it out. For cases like this you need a basic pick me up emergency kit consisting in a snack, a picture of your favorite person / people and feel-good music. You can do this, right? 

Also, ask yourself: is this something that'll blow over? Is it fixable / replaceable?

This week a Dad in a town not far from where I live, went to a used cars lot to finally purchase the vehicle he had been saving for. He brought his 22 months old daughter who was happily playing with some pebbles. Suddenly he noticed she was gone. Everybody frantically started to look for her. The little girl had wandered off, across the street to the train station where she was hit by an oncoming train. She was airlifted to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

So whatever our bad days... I bet they start to look better by the second.

How about you? What are your tricks and tips for cheering yourself up?

Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to visit my fellow bloggers' posts!


  1. I have bad days, and somehow I get through them (possibly with a little shot of Patron), but if as much went wrong all in one day like in your scenario? Well, I just may have to drink out of the bottle.

  2. Oh my gosh how awful. I know that my week has been rough, life in general lately has been rough but I also am well aware of others who have and are having it so much worse. I try to be thankful each and everyday, even the bad ones.

  3. I'm generally a positive person. I am a big believer in karma. If you put good out you will get good in and for me it has always worked. Not saying I haven't had bad times in my life, but you get through them or you don't and I don't want to be that person.

  4. How do I cheer myself up????????????????????
    No bloody idea, hugs from my granddchildren help though

  5. I listen to true crime podcasts hahaha It sounds as weird as it is, but I think it's that i have anxiety and my brain is always going in circles about things. It's worse when I have a bad day. But if i'm listening to something like that I stay engaged in it and focus on that instead of the 50 thousand other things going on in my brain. I've listened to some about history here lately too which are incredibly interesting. Behind the Bastards is the name of that one and it's mostly about the bad guys behind some of the things that have happened in the world but mostly in America. 10/10 would recommend. oh and Redhanded is my favorite true crime!


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