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Welcome back to Blog with Friends. This month's topic is Home.

Pretty straight forward, right? 

Finish the sentence "Home is..."

You'll probably say "where your heart is" or "where my family is".

Some will also say "where you hang your broom" - because Halloween! 

Photo Credit: Candice @ Measurements of Merriment

Kidding aside. 

It's interesting how you always want what you can't have. As I'm typing this while sitting at my home away from home, I'm super worried there will be a second lockdown. Many European countries have been or are going to be invoking very strict measures.

Usually I love to busy myself at home: hanging out in my PJs, brewing coffee, baking, writing, watching videos.

Once we may not allowed to go anywhere, I will miss my freedom and my outings.

The other day I watched a show where people were talking about starting over and living their dream. There was a guy who left for the proverbial island. He and his wife wanted to purchase a windmill and repurpose it into a café. As the commercial use was not allowed, his wife suggested he built their own mill, and he did. They have been living on the Greek island Kos happily ever after.

Within the guests there was also a therapist who advocated to take a hard look at your yearnings:

If living on a Greek island seems to be more attractive than wasting away in a German small town, working 9 - 5 (actually more like 8 - 6, but never mind) you need to be aware that yes, there will be more sunny days and friendlier people, but there will be hard work to position yourself as a foreign newcomer, processes may not work as smoothly as you are used to, and don't underestimate what leaving your friends and family behind may do to you. Also living abroad may be fun and games as long as you're relatively young and healthy. Medical care may be more expensive while less reliable. 

He also pleaded to do a list of things you (dis)like about your current life and to write down what you wish you had. 

He said many people want a large and fancy house. In order to pay for the mortgage they will, however, work so hard, they'll barely spend any time at said home. 

Wouldn't it be smarter to make your current home nicer and to enjoy it? 

So there may be some purging and decorating in my future.

Coming back to a possible lockdown or a "stay at home recommendation" (infection numbers in Switzerland are looking really bad right now), what features will you most prioritize?

Hint: it's not the features that make it hard to decide, it's the downside :-( 

While I do like house number one's or six' features, I'd have to go for house number five in this scenario just because ghosts would be the lesser evil compared to the others.

How about you? Let me know down below. I'd also like to know what "Home is..." means to you!

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  1. #4 wouldn't have much of a downside for me. I'm very tempted by #5, though. I like libraries, gardens, and cats. As for the ghosts... I'll cross my fingers and hope they're the friendly kind.

  2. I guess #4 more or less
    Mostly I would like my home as it is now with my daughters and grandkids around me


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