Elf on the Shelf, Season 2020 - Episode 1

Yay, it's Elf on the Shelf season again! 

What am I talking about?

It all stems from a children’s book called “The Elf on the Shelf,” published in 2005 by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell.

The story is about elves visiting children every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. They’re sent from Father Christmas to check if the kids are being naughty or nice, and to report back their findings to the boss.

It’s essentially like a very friendly game of hide and seek. Every morning the elf is somewhere new in the house for the kids to find. 

The ‘shelf’ part of this tradition’s name is pretty loose – in all honesty, you can put Santa’s helper anywhere in your house.

Our Elf is called Cookie, and this year it'll be her eighth season to visit our house.

Of course in 2020 everything is a bit different. Fortunately she was organized enough to travel early, so that she'd be able to quarantine for ten days before mingling.

Poor Cookie - isolation is no fun! She was being good though. No whining.

I liked her little Vichy mask.

When she was finally done, of course she brought a holiday pyjama for Colin.

The note said that she brought a green buddy who's hiding because he's shy. Colin found him hanging out in my sneaker. He decided to name the green Elf Biscuit, the British counterpart to the American Cookie ;-)

Since daily travels to the North Pole are out of question, the elves depend on technology in order to communicate with Santa. They took the liberty to use Colin's notebook for their Zoom meeting.

Cookie and Biscuit tried their hand at making hot chocolate bombs. 

Colin was thrilled about this breakfast surprise!

As if this year toilet paper rolls weren't precious enough, our elves decided to decorate them to make our bathroom experience more festive.

Peeking out of the drinking bottle, probably hoping they could join Colin for practice. No such luck though. No audience allowed at the arena. 

What's for lunch today? Our Christmas elves wrapped all of the cans in the kitchen cupboard. This is going to be interesting. 

Cookie and Biscuit must have picked up on my itchy feet. If we can't go to the Southwest, they bring these states to me. Even if it's just the license plates. Yes, I own at least one license plate of every state I lived in or traveled to. This is only a small selection of my collection. 

Every year after the fundraising Skateathon the players get autograph cards they can use to send a thank you to their sponsors. Fourth season for our youngster, and it looks like he has some signing to do for the elves.

This completes the first week. Keep your eyes open -there's more to come!


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