A - Z 2021: Cross that Bridge when you come to it

Welcome to Season 2021 of the annual A - Z Blogging Challenge. I will be talking about saying, phrases, idioms and quotes.

If you missed yesterday's post, we were picking apples - there may be some left for you, why don't you go check here. 

Today's post is B ist for

Cross that Bridge when you come to it

This is something I need to tell myself from time to time, and it applies even more to my husband's natural disposition. 

While I am concerned about global issues like climate change, racism or poverty, I luckily don't have huge things to worry about in my personal life, like sickness, money, job or relationship trouble.

I'm more concerned about everyday stuff. You know, first world problems like kitchen appliances (haha - oh, wait, that'll be for tomorrow and time.

What am I talking about? 

Hi, my name is Tamara, I'm Swiss, and I worry about time.

Did you know this was a thing?

Obviously people in Australia know about it. Here's the story. It goes back to our 5 weeks‘ honeymoon in 2004:

It must have been 8:55am. 

We were waiting in front of our hotel for the "Blue Mountain Tour Bus" to pick us up. Or was it the one taking us to the Whale Watching Cruise? I don't remember.

When the bus didn't arrive at 9:10am, we were checking our watch, pacing up and down, discussing what we should be doing.... 

Just as we were considering to go back to the lobby and ask if there was another pick-up spot we were supposed to be waiting at, Phil, the hotel concierge approached us. 

"You guys must be Swiss" he said. It wasn't even a question, he stated it matter of factly.

"We are. How do you know? Did you recognize our accent?"

"You worry about time."

"Excuse me?"

"It's obvious you are waiting nervously. You worry about time. Therefore you must be Swiss!"


"See, Americans worry about service, Swiss and Germans worry about time - us Aussies just want to make friends!"

He was so right!!

We were blown away by many beautiful sights in this country (the picture on top is Sydney's gorgeous Harbour Bridge)

The animals were great, too!

The most amazing species though - were the people! Us newlyweds had heard about the Australians' reputation of being laid back and friendly, but there's nothing like to experience it first-hand!

From our travels to the USA we were used to behave very formally and inconspicuously at immigration, and even though it was 4am when we first landed in Darwin, and we were beyond tired, we remembered to play by the rules as we were standing in line to enter the country. 

Everything went well. No interrogation, just a quick punch of the passports and we were officially in Down Under!

"First time here?" the customs officer asked. We nodded. 

"Be careful, don't drink the water!" he advised hubby. 

We were confused. Nobody had ever mentioned anything about the water not being OK in Australia. Was it unsanitary?

"Water is fine for taking a shower" the officer smirked, "otherwise drink beer, mate! Enjoy your stay!"

Hahahaha! What a glorious start into our journey!

Back to the phrase about not worrying in advance. Here are some more:

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair - it gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere.

Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have

There isn't enough room in your mind for both, worry and faith. Choose wisely!

Are you guilty of worrying? What are you worried about? 

Does any of those sayings ring true for you? Which one? Let me know down below.

Don't miss tomorrow's post, there's gonna be cake on the blog!


  1. We had been to Sydney in 2019 and glad that we did as all travel has ceased since the pandemic struck! I agree , it's a chilled out place .... Cross the bridge when you come to it is one of my favourite idioms

  2. Another excellent post! I think I would get along very well with the people in Australia.

  3. Who doesn't worry? I think children are really the only ones who doesn't worry, at least, the younger ones don't. I think it's a matter age - the older you get, the more likely you'll worry about something, right?

    Have a lovely day.

  4. That Aussie was right! I'm an American and people here do worry about service. To use another saying (I hope I'm not foreshadowing) 'Time is money' but in America we seem to think that 'Service is Time'.

  5. Love this story.. and love that rocking chair about worry - it is one of my favorites..
    I recall a visit to Indonesia when my dad was working there for a few years; one time, our vehicle ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere with no one around in sight, and the driver stepped out casually for a smoke. When we asked him what next, he said 'tidak masala', which translates to 'no problems' Sure enough, another vehicle drove past in a few minutes, some fuel was poured into our vehicle and we drove on..

  6. Australia is on my bucket list. Sounds like you had a great trip. My husband would love the suggestion to skip the water and stick to beer.

    I can be time focused too. I hate to be late and would definitely have been checking the time too.

    I use to be a big worrier in my younger days but now I'm much better at focusing on the immediate and not worrying about things that may never happen. At least, mostly - it still crops up from time to time.

    Weekends In Maine

  7. I'm a bit of an anomaly as I really sorry about time, which drives Ken crazy. I would happily get to the airport 5 hours before a flight. Great post.😊

  8. Cool! The family adopted a Koala bear mamma and her cub for me as a Christmas gift. It would be neat to go visit them! This makes me want to more.

    Janet’s Smiles

  9. I'm glad you loved your trip to Oz. We are pretty laid back and informal which I think catches out a lot of tourists who come Down Under.

  10. I'm pretty good at crossing bridges when I get to them. Some might call it kicking the can down the road, which would make a nice post for your challenge, too. I'd prefer to consider yesterday history, the future out of reach, and today, the present, a gift.

  11. Bridges, holy cow, I must have been crossing some. I missed the boat I guess. I was apparently Being Bold


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