National Stupid Guy Thing Day - Code 70

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Looks like today we're celebrating National Stupid Guy Thing Day - I had no idea there was such a thing.

Did you know there are measurable degrees of stupidityThey are distinguished between 

  • idiots (IQ of 0 - 25)
  • imbeciles (IQ if 26 - 50) 
  • morons (IQ of 51 - 70)

We have a subtenant at our office. He'll retire soon, and part of the idea of him working in-house is that once he'll stop working altogether, we are supposed to take over his clients. 

Can't wait. 


First of all, I'm gonna miss having him around, he's a great guy. Works as a councilman for our neighbor town, is in charge of public welfare among other things. Which requires him to attend a ton of meetings. His clients know about this, and they are usually patient and understanding about him not being available all the time, right away. 

Second of all, his corporate clients are OK, we're already working for them occasionally.

The walk-in retail customers, however. I don't understand how he has accumulated the amount of ignorant, stupid and / or impolite people.  Usually I would say you get the people you deserve. But here? My coworker is much too nice, and these people don't deserve his services, and once he'll be gone, I probably end up scaring them away ;-)

Here's a recent example:

Customer S calls. Gotta appreciate the pandemic, usually these people will just walk in and expect immediate attention. We're not a store, we're an office. Would you just walk in at the doctor's, expecting him to assess your cough right away?

Anyway, customer S calls while coworker is not in. It's 11:45 am.

"May he - or somebody else who's becoming available - call you back, sir?"

Yes, but it'd had to be right now as I'm about to go for lunch!

You and me and everybody else, dude!

"Allright, in the afternoon in that case."

Yes, but make it early, it's too effing hot in here, I won't sit around and wait for that call all day!

While I felt for the guy (it was effing hot and sticky humid in our office, too, 86° F and counting, and we have to work while he's an older gentleman who can do and go as he pleases. Also: does he want our help or not?

"Would you like to tell me how my colleage can help you, what 's the nature of your problem?"

I can't minimize a picture. I enlarged it, and it won't go back.

"Are you talking about your browser or some kind of photo editing software?"

I don't know what you mean, I just googled it. It's a picture of some airport in France. This is just annoying. If the picture was from somewhere in Switzerland, this would not have happened.

Did I just hear that? Is this guy for real? Does he believe the stupid sh** that comes out of his mouth?

Just another day at the office...

PS: You may wonder what "Code 70" means. I used it in the title, and we sometimes use it in our everyday life in the IT world. It means that many times a "computer problem" is actually a user problem, and the user sits about 70cm (=27.5 inches) in front of the screen. 

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  1. I love that you made me feel like NOT the most stupid person on the planet when it comes to computers and I also love that Code 70 thing, I'm going to apply it to other circumstances. It's like getting to roll your eyes without the person knowing you're doing it!

  2. LOL Code 70! I'll have to use that one. I did not know about the degrees of stupid but it makes sense now. Thanks for the laughs this morning.

    Janet’s Smiles


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