Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 3: Fall

Welcome back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Day 3 is all about the uniqueness of the season. No, not christmas! Not just yet.

Fall, my favorite time. Temps are falling, ?#@*&%! mosquitos disappear, leaves are turning colorful, hockey season starts, all things cinnamon apple (for other people it's pumkin spice) are being baked - what's not to love?

In non pandemic years there are a lot of activities going on. Semi-public grape harvesting:

My Dad and my son in 2009

Fall fairs with food stands and fairground attractions:

Pumpkin patch visits...

Let's not forget - Halloween! Along with St. Patrick's Day my favorite holiday. Living in Switzerland, we (a small handful of friends and I) always have to act as pioneers of sorts, since this is considered a stoopid American custom by many conservative Swiss people. We don't mind though. Our neighbors have gotten used to Trick or Treaters, and the kids have learned only to knock on doors of houses that identified themselves as Halloween friendly ;-) Sadly my teenager seems to have grown out anyway.

Time for a little spooky bathroom fun (post with tutorial here)

Time for a little spooky baking fun

What do you like about fall? Let me know below!


  1. I love the weather ,nature and all the festivals happening in India during fall.

  2. What a fun post, love all your crafts and gorgeous nature photos. Living in California I miss having a fall where leaves are changing and the air is cooling although I do love cinnamon apples and pumpkin pie spice no matter where I am! Wondering where you live as these photos are gorgeous!

  3. I love some much about fall. I like the color of the leaves changing (especially red), the crisp feeling in the air after a hot summer, being able to wear loose sweaters, American football here in the states, and of course all the holidays. I am not much into the pumpkin spice stuff myself, but do like the cinnamon apple :) Thanks for sharing and thinking more about fall which is sadly going away here in CO and making way for winter. Happy holidays!

  4. I struggle with different seasons here in California. I have been using a seasonal creative journal to help me appreciate them better. Rather than the weather, I think of colors and other things. Fall means orange and pumpkin spice to me.

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. I love EVERYTHING about fall but mostly the cooler weather and changing of the leaves. We have to travel to see them now but how I remember the beautiful colors when we lived upstate NY. The raking of them, marshmallow roasts and hot chocolate after and of course picking apples!

  6. I love the smells of fall most of all— fresh air, apples simmering on the stove with cinnamon sticks, hot coffee, pumpkin scented candles, and fresh baked pie. Cooler weather in FL is just as anticipated as the lower humidity. What’s not to love about this time
    of year!

  7. The quality of the light on a sunny day - it makes the changing leaf colours glow and induces a real poignancy for the turn of the year...

  8. I learnt something quite interesting the other day - I always wondered what pumpkin spice was, and apparently it is allspice with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves (because you can't get pumpkin spice in Australia).


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