Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 30: We made it! Also: Pizza vs Pinsa

Welcome back! Today is Day 30 and thus the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is obvious that today is about taking stock:

What did we learn? What did we enjoy? What was a hassle? Would you do it again (like - in January when there is a new round?) Did we make it; did we get all 30 posts in?

First things first though. 

As I have learned, November 30 is not only the final day of this writing challenge - it's also Paul's birthday!

Paul is the host of this show, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday and to thank him for putting in all the hard work. Behind the scenes it takes a lot of planning, prepping and scheduling to make sure things run smoothly. On top of that he was also a participant.

Now on to my review!

What did I learn?

It's in fact possible to write every day, even considering the prompts were not issued in advance as a package, like I know it from other challenges. Every morning the daily assignment arrived via e-mail. Thanks again, Paul, for moving these e-mails forward by a couple of hours, it made a difference for me in Europe!

What was a hassle?

I still had to go to work and take care of my other unmovable tasks ;-) No thanks to the time difference I was among the first ones to post my link in the Facebook group. this resulted pretty much in mingling with the same crowd every day. They are fabulous bloggers and people, don't get me wrong, but it sort of meant I missed the "late posters" because I had to go to bed. Of course I could have gone back the next morning, but that's when I had to write my new post!

What did I enjoy?

Meeting new fellow bloggers, and nice ones at that! I learned that some of them have been doing this challenge many times over! Admirable! I also enjoyed the writing assignments, they were not too hard and left room for interpretation. I regretted that not many participants actually went by the prompts, that would have been fun and interesting.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely. Probably not in January though. I may have - sort of - committed to join another challenge. So I'll be on the lookout for the next round if it won't collide with the A - Z challenge in April, for which I need to be preparing in March. I'm a busy girl. 

Did I make it; did I get all 30 posts in?

I sure did. My pride would not allow me to go through with a challenge only half-heartedly.

So what's left to say? 

It was super nice to meet you, and I hope we get to do it again!

Don't be a stranger, let's connect:

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I have one last request: I'm missing 6/10 destinations on my road trip. If you don't mind, head over and see if you can help me out, here's the link.

Now enjoy a much deserved Pinsa - like Pizza, but different. The name Pinsa is derived from the term "pinsere", which means "push the dough by hand" in Latin. 

So what's the difference anyway?

Pizza properties

  • Made from wheat flour, and contains more flour than pinsa dough
  • Fermentation for 24 hours, or even less
  • Variety of crust thicknesses
  • Dough is tossed and thrown by hand

Pinsa properties

  • Made from all-purpose flour
  • Commonly served in an oval shape
  • Fermentation ranges from 48 to 72 hours
  • Dough uses more water than standard pizza dough
  • Dough is pressed and flattened by hand, crust usually thick
  • Lighter in texture and easier to digest 

So do you have a preference? Are you team Pizza or Pinsa? 

What was this UBC experience like for you? Let me know below!


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! And the good news is, you don't have to do it in January, because the next one isn't until February. :)

  2. Congrats,Tamara on completing. Hope to see you again here. Enjoy your enthusiasm and positive attitudes. I will look for you on Instagram .

  3. Congratulations Tamara! I love pizza. Our daughter and son-in-love bought an outdoor pizza oven where they host homemade pizza parties all the time. She is GF and has even mastered a GF crust. Your Pinza looks delicious. I good reward for a challenge well done. I am so glad to have connected with you through the UBC. I will follow you from here on out. 🥰

  4. Some of us have queues that are weeks long- so we don't need suggestions as to what to write on a given day. (And, in my case, I'm way too busy to write a blog post every day- I devote a few hours twice or thrice a week to knock out my blogs.) But, I enjoy reading others' posts (and yes, I mosey on over more than once a day.)

  5. Congrats to you for doing all 30 days. I could only manage 14 (15 if I make one today) and it's even in my time zone so I don't have an excuse. I tried to use the challenge prompt when I posted but I realize that I didn't always. I loved reading all yours.

    Janet’s Smiles

  6. Oh yeah, I like pizza with stuffed thick crust. I haven't tried a Pinsa so if the crust is thick I might like that too. The one in the picture sure looks good!

  7. Thank you for letting us know about Paul's birthday. I appreciated your summary of the past 30 days and also getting to know my fellow bloggers a bit better.

    Have never tried Pinsa - but I am a homemade pizzaholic. Our favorite is Taco pizza.

  8. Congratulations on completing the UBC!! I especially loved your Day 27 Road Trip! Thanks for the mention! See you again next year!!

  9. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I enjoyed your posts that I read. I was a late writer in New Mexico. Hopefully, we will meet again!


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