Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 9: Dream Destination

Photo by Mary J. Friedrich on Unsplash

Welcome back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Day 9 is a bit cruel because the question is: Where do you want to go? As in travel.

While we are lucky enough to go out and about in our own country, it's been too long since we have been able to visit our favorite places in North America, South Africa or Australia, no thanks to the pandemic.

In the meantime I have been building up my travel bucket list, so why don't I share some items from that document with you.

I learned about the first one from our fellow UBC blogger Janet. In her 2021 A - Z Challenge she took us to the coolest spots in her own city, which for most of us, is one of the most popular destinations. Ever. 

She lives in San Francisco, and there's something special to see all across town: hearts. 

I mean, heart sculptures.

Photo Credit: Janet @ Janet's Smiles

It's part of a tradition that started some 17 years ago. Its purpose is to raise funds for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. 

Check out the heart gallery. I think they're all fabulous!

From California I would love to go all the way up to Washington State. While meeting up with my Starbucks Buddies in Seattle is always a must, I'd want to extend the trip eastbound towards Colchuck Lake, a freshwater reservoir located on the slope of The Enchantments, 15 miles from the city of Leavenworth, which must be a beautifully designed Bavarian style village.

Photo by Bobby Stevenson on Unsplash

I imagine it's particularly lovely at Christmastime! Think Christmas market, gingerbread houses, Glühwein,... 

Photo by Rosalie Barley on Unsplash

"But - aren't you Swiss? Can't you just cross the border and you're in Bavaria, the original?" you might ask. You're absolutely right. I could. What do they say though: The closer something is located from home, the less likely you are to ever go there..

Visiting a Christmas market in Southern Germany dosen't qualify as traveling ;-)))

What else is on my list that requires a real trip, abroad?

How about Tasmania?

Yes, the island located about 240 km south of the Australian mainland. I once saw a picture that took my breath away. Let me check, I am pretty sure it was iover at Pamela's, another blogger's travelog.

Photo by Jordan Redshaw on Unsplash

This is "Wineglass Bay" on the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean - this picture and the name alone, what's not to love, right?

If you're into fishing and boating, bushwalking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, sun and sand, you've come to the right place, at least that's what their tourism site claims.

Last but not least, I'd like to see the Algarve in Portugal, the Benagil Cliff Cave, to be exact.

It looks absolutely breathtaking. Bryce Canyon meets 12 Apostles meets the Mediterranean Sea, right?

Photo by Mélanie Martin on Unsplash

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

What I want to know now: where would you go if you, say, won a free ticket to a destination of your choice? Accomodation, rental car, all inclusive?


  1. What a fun post. Your choices are stunning!

  2. You have quite the list of places to see! Thanks for sharing my post AND the new hearts for 2021. They are so cool. I would hope that if you do make it to SF you will give me a heads up so we can meet somewhere for coffee at least.

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. What a great bucket list and beautiful pictures! My dream vacation would to go back to Italy. We visited Rome and Florence in the mid '90's but would love to go back and visit Naples when my husband's family is from. One day it may happen.

  4. This is a cool post! I live outside of Houston -- there is a lot to see here that I haven't even attempted to see. I will have to look around and see what's here.

  5. Lovely photos, Tamara. The guy and I were planning a trip to my home country, China. We were wanting to climate this famouns mountain and the guy was training for it. But then the politics got in the way and the tour was cancelled. So I would like to go to China, not to climb a mountain but to visit my village where I was born. I had tried to on one trip when I was in Hong Kong but the buses were too busy at the time.

  6. Perfect activity for the pandemic. Virtual travel.

  7. Haha, I can't get to Tassie and I live in Australia! We were actually supposed to be there in 4 weeks time, but thanks to the closed borders in Australia we had to cancel because we weren't sure we'd be allowed to go. I've been there once and it is spectacular. Definitely just a reschedule, not a cancellation. We'll replan when covid isn't holding us to ransom.

  8. I have one dream, to have my old body back


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