20 Days of Chill / Ultimate Blog Challenge - Spring / Theme Song

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Welcome back to another combined post for the two writing challenges I participate in:

  • 20 Days of Chill - Spring?
  • Ultimate Blog Challenge - If my blog, business of life had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Remember how I said I was grateful we've been spared from infection, quarantine, working from home and the whole shabam just the other day? Guess what: now we're in the freaking middle of it. 

Colin is doing better but has to serve his five days of quarantine. PCR testing appointments aren't available until tomorrow afternoon. I do hope they will backdate the begin of his "sentence" to Saturday. That way he would be clear to train on Friday and play on Sunday.

Hubby and I tested negative and feel OK. Theoretically, being triple vaccinated, we would be allowed to go to work, but he chose to work from home. Meaning he occupies our office at home.

Which leaves me, my notebook and my mobile phone in the living room, which has been repurposed to hockey practice and storage room as you can see.

I'm frantically trying to reschedule our dentist's and hair appointments while waiting to hear about a replacement headlight for my car. The good news is I don't have to drive to practice for a few days. Enough time to get my car fixed, hopefully.

Let's get started with my two writing assignments:

In spring 2014, I wrote a post that included a dozen songs making up my life's soundtrack.

One of my all time favorite happy songs, which was also listed in above post, is Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine. Since as a whole, my life's path has been reasonably smooth, I think it is an appropriate theme song for me. 

If we're just looking at the current situation though, I wanna say it's more like Life is a Rollercoaster ;-)

What about my blog? What would be an appropriate theme song? 

I pick Let's get ready for this! Because, hockey. Speaking of, may I just drop a random fact here: Last week, Timo Meier, a Swiss born and raised hockey player, scored five goals for the San Jose Sharks against the Los Angeles Kings. Way to go, Timo!

On to the other prompt:


Spring, question mark. As in: can you spot any early signs of spring? 

As a matter of fact I can. While temps are still slightly below or right at freezing point around here, I wanna say for at least three weeks I've been hearing birds chirping in the morning. Also, the days are getting a little bit longer.

The other day when I drove to work, I was worried about being late because it was already light outside. I actually just about made it in time. The same in the evening. You know things start to look better when you leave work at 5:30pm and it's not pitch black!

I don't know when we may expect the first snowdrops, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. They're usually a good sign telling us nature is getting ready.

I'm not an anti-winter person like some of my friends, so I'm not desperate yet. Also the Swiss winter has not been too hard. I'm certainly looking forward to more blue skies though. We live below the fog cover, so our days between November and February are usually gray. 

In the meantime let's enjoy these gorgeous magnolia blooms. I took the picture last April. 

Here are a couple of questions for you:

What is your life's / blog's theme song? Why?

Are you looking forward to spring? 


  1. I like spring...is my second favourite season to Autumn and Winter - I used to love Winter the most but the winters had changed so much...are not the same here...and the least favourite is Summer.

  2. No song for my blog. Maybe I will give that some consideration. But it’s kind of like the “word for the year challenge”. I can’t narrow it down.

    I enjoy the snowdrops. I have not seen any here this year. They are a cheerful reminder of Spring coming around the corner.

    Stay well,
    Ridge Haven Homestead

  3. I can't say I have a song for my blog, but I can say I'm looking forward to the spring. I, of course, covered that as well today! :)

  4. Sometimes I think my theme song should be "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Meatloaf but other times "Y'all Ready for This" would be more appropriate. December 21st is one of my favorite days, for two reasons. First, it is my Grandmother's birthday and two, it is the Winter Solstice and that means the days will be getting longer. It forecasts the things to come; spring and the summer garden.

  5. Walking on Sunshine could be my life theme song....
    Oh- and since you like hockey, check out hockeyninja.com. It will keep your family well outfitted with great stuff!

  6. Interesting question about a blog song. I'll have to think about that one. I thought of you when I got the notification on my phone about Timo's goals! I don't watch all the games but I do get notifications when something exciting happens. Good luck to you guys with the covid thing. I realize now you meant your's was under age, not mine! Our lives continue to parallel, huh?

    Janet’s Smiles

  7. I like spring it's not too hot nor too cold

  8. No theme song here. I love music though I rarely listen to it nowadays. I think I love silence. As for snowdrops, I won't see them for another 3 months, not till May.

  9. I sure hope Colin gets a negative report so he can get back to Hockey! As for your theme songs, I love them all, so fitting for sure especially Let's Get Ready for This! Your spring photo is like a breath of fresh, clean air! As for my theme song, it's I'm in a Hurry but Alabama because that's me, always rushing but don't know why. Walking on Sunshine would be perfect for Lia, but her's is You are my Sunshine!


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