Ultimate Blog Challenge - Double Deuce / Trouble Shoot it!

Welcome back o Day 22 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

I think Paul - who hosts this fabulous challenge - has been spending time at the 🍹 Casino 🎰  lately. 🍀 💰
All I'll ever read from him is Black Jack ♠️ ♥️ and Double Deuce 🎲🎲
So before we get to work, why don't we enjoy some pictures from the last time we visited Las Vegas, which was in October 2016.

Today's "real" assignment is to

Trouble Shoot it!

Ha, Troubleshooter is my involuntary middle name. 

Let's have a look at the last 24 hours.

Friday is usually a hectic day. Starting with Colin who needs to be at school at 7:30am. He used to be this super early riser when he was a toddler. Of course today he's a teenager who has to be chased out of bed. 

Friday is trash collection day at our village, so somebody has to take the garbage bags out before leaving for work. 

Friday evening is usually practice, so Colin's hockey bag needs to be packed and put into my trunk. 

Friday we do our weekly backup at the office, therefore we take two discs to work, one of which will come back home (in case our office burns down, or stuff gets damaged in any way), the other one goes into the safety box at the local bank. 

Every other Friday, our cleaning lady comes to our house. Cr** that is lying around everywhere, needs to be put away.

I usually bring my lunch from home, so I need to pack food. 

By the time I arrive at work, I'm already exhausted. 

Yesterday I got greeted by "you should have your headlights checked out. The one on your right hand side doesn't work."

Just what I needed. Did I mention Colin's practice? Did I also mention hubby had a hair appointment so I couldn't borrow his car..?

Called my backup car shop because I'm still mad at my original dealership, plus the new one is closer. 

They told me to come by ASAP in case they needed to express order some spare part. With any luck it'd be there before it gets dark, and they can replace it. 

I had a lot of work at the office, It's January. Many payroll clients need my support with their issues.

However I had to take care of my car now if I didn't want to either cancel Colin's practice or drive with a somewhat unsafe car.

When I arrived, both headlights were working perfectly!

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have believed my coworkers were pulling my leg. The mechanic did a couple of tests and told me to keep an eye on it. He also told me what to do if there were another malfunction: use the fog lights and show the cop his business card.

That's exactly what I had to do a few hours later when we were off to practice. Not the cop part, fortunately. 

Practice went well, our drive home was positively uneventful, and we had a good night's sleep, which is always a good thing, right? More so if you plan on going to work on Saturday to catch up on what couldn't be done yesterday, due to the unexpected trip to the shop and also a lot of calls and orders at my office.

When we got up, Colin complained of a sore throat and asked for a honey milk. He said he was otherwise fine and retired to his room where he was playing online video games when I left for work. 

My main job was to complete our January payroll. Yes, throughout the entire month I have been helping our clients', preventing me from taking care of my own. I ran into some trouble and was glad I had some piece and quiet to figure it out. 

The next time I came out of my deep focus, I noticed I missed a text message about half hour ago. Colin wrote he wasn't feeling well and had a headache.

Oh no!

Called and asked if he had a fever. He thought so. 

"Do you want to take something, as in drugs?"

Nah, but I think I need to do one of these self tests in case it's Covid.

There went my let's go to work and catch up.

I wrapped up my work and raced home, with only one headlight working. 

Colin tested positively negative, as a certain former president liked to call it. 

He's napping now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He has a game tomorrow, would be a shame to miss it.

Wish us luck!

Any troubleshooting going on at your end? Martha, is your power back on?


  1. What a busy 24 hours! So glad your lights worked out but more importantly that Colin tested negative! Another thing, you have had so much on your plate for the past day but you take time to mention me and ask about our power being back on! YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Yes, it came on shortly after 2AM and the inside tempurature got down to 56 upstairs and 60 downstairs. Lia was with her dad (who had power) and Snowball slept on my head just about all night! LOL But we warmed up! Thanks for your concern and have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. That's a lot of things going on at home and work.I like your new car service person.They sound very helpful.I am sure Colin will be better soon.

  3. A good garage is Great to find. Sounds as if your day falls under the "Momma told me there'd be days..." Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  4. So glad Colin tested positively negative. Oh, and dare I say... Mercury Retrograde :-O


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