X is for Xo‘jayli

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Welcome back, to the letter X of this year's A-Z challenge! 

So obviously this has always been the hardest letter of this challenge! Last year an x-traordinary blogger friend and I celebrated our friendversary (and for the sake of my fitness theme, I also talked about the Borg X-ertion Scale.)

Yesterday we hung out at the White House, today it's all about Xo‘jayli, a town in Uzbekistan, I have never been to, not even close, sorry, folks, hahahaha!

X stands for all the cool places that didn't get their own post but still deserve to be mentioned in this A-Z challenge.

We'll do it a bit differently today. There are no captions to the pictures, you get to do them! 

What destinations do you recognize? 


How did you do? Thanks for playing along, I hope you had fun! Here's the link for the other X posts.

Tomorrow we're back for a more regular post about Yellowstone National Park.