June Secret Subject Swap - Time Stops

Welcome to June's Secret Subject Swap. Again 10 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is

If you could stop time for one year, what would you do with all your free time?

It was submitted by: The Lieber Family - thank you, Rabia!

Previously on The Miller family:

The family of four plus dog moved from NYC to Switzerland in January and seem to get the hang of it. 

We believe to have witnessed Caroline and her college boyfriend Jeremy holding hands at the ICRC's St. Patrick's Day party, and we found out Victoria's friend's older sister Marietta is pregnant.
The Johansson family moved back to South Africa, and the Pelletiers, a young Québécois couple with a daughter, moved into their house.

I put together a glossary and a collection of links to help you (and myself) to keep track of characters and happenings.

"That was a great party", Caroline said, tossing away the last disposable tablecloths and napkins. "I enjoyed meeting your family and friends. Thank you for including us!"

It was my own farewell party. 

"I can't believe you're leaving. It's great, though, I'm happy for you. God knows we could all use a time-out!"

What happened was that a magic fairy appeared and told me I got a year off. Time was going to stop, and I got an entire year to myself!!! I had to accept immediately, though.

I didn't think twice. Invited everybody to my time machine themed party, dressed up as H. G. Wells and packed my bags. 

Those of you who know me, don't have to think hard to figure out where I am ultimately headed: Southern California.

Before that, however. I want to finally take my road trip. You know the one I made up for The Secret Supject Swap in June 2016, The Big Escape. 

I planned on visiting every online and real life friend I have in North America! It took three screen shots to capture the entire route, so that'll keep me busy for a while.

After that I'd like to settle down in a beach house in La Jolla, sleeping in every day, heading to the beach 

and later to Starbucks to write, 

for my magazine, the San Diego Shooting Star.

I want to give myself an assignment to schedule a couple of days to volunteer every month. Here are a couple of causes I'd like to support, and if you've got some more, bring them on:
  • Be my eyes, an app that connects vision impaired and seeing people in real time, so if a blind person finds themselves at the supermarket and needs someone to read the food facts label for them, they use their phone to set up some kind of video conference, and you can read it to them.
  • Project Cuddle to help a teenage mother by taking her to appointments with her doctor or assist at her baby's birth. 
  • YWCA: Help a woman living in a crisis shelter by driving her to a job interview or buy housewares for a woman moving from the shelter into her own apartment.
  • Smart Works: hey, I can do better than driving people to job interviews, I can coach them to get the actual job!
  • Catchafire asks for your professional skills to match you with a project.
Caroline could probably get me in touch with the American Red Cross. Speaking of Caroline and the other families I have been helping: I had to commit to be available for their questions.

So it may just as well happen that I'm spending time watching the seals (insert barking sounds and distinctive smell for an authentic experience),

I'd get texts like the following ones:

Alright. Looks like I'll be going through some contracts tonight... Some Skype / FaceTime is definitely in order, too. Geez, I can only guess what might have happened!

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Why do you think Dave is asking about getting out of his contract?
What would you do with the gift of time..? 

Let me know!